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New Teacher Learning Series. 1/15/10. Welcome!. Get lunch and settle in Review your notes/line of learning from past session: Understanding by design/Backward design Clear learning targets Interactive strategies/CFU Get computer ready for map and talk Know how to access Wiki - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


New Teacher Learning Series

New Teacher Learning Series1/15/10Get lunch and settle inReview your notes/line of learning from past session:Understanding by design/Backward designClear learning targetsInteractive strategies/CFUGet computer ready for map and talkKnow how to access Wiki

Welcome!P KTEACHERS USE THEIR LESSON PLAN.2Examples of scaffolding in maps and lessonsClear and explicit model of UBD and LOInteract with others across the district to see how ideas are usedPlan with job-alike peers on real units/lessonsSeeing real lessons and maps helps to put all pieces together

What was helpful?Look toward my culminating outcome before I write my lesson objectivesLink LO and skills in my mapIncorporate more planned CFUs & interactive strategiesActivities are important in my lessons but skills in maps are about what students will be able to doEmbed more WTL strategies

Impact on your teaching and planningPlan, plan , planWrite essential questions that are relevant and motivatingBackward design is a new way of thinking for meGetting more comfortable with the mapping tool after playing around with itWhat was a stretch for you?Observe my lessons and give me targeted feedbackPlan with othersContinue to have new teacher workshops

How to support you?By next workshop - Be prepared to bring a unit (map) and a lesson using the unit/lesson design templateUBD/EDI concept reflected in planningExpanded skill statements in maps Clear learning objectives/targets in lesson planPlanned CFU and interactive strategies

We asked you to work with your principal on721 times 100 rules.PK-6 West; 7-12 East including administrators Find partner 1 from the opposite levelFind partner 2 from same levelStay with partner 2Come to front if you are still searchingDebriefing PartnersHow did you apply Understanding by Design in your map? (Share one essential question with your partner)Share evidences of:Scaffolding (Expanded Skills) in your map (K-6)Interactive strategies in your lesson (7-12)Be ready to share your partners examples or insightsMAP and TALK (with partner 2)PK teachers talk about the big idea, long term goals and skills in your lessons.9Design units and lessons that reflect UBD, clear targets and scaffolding Plan, reflect and collaborate lessons and units via web toolsEmbed interactive strategies (including CFU) in lessonsDesign lessons with Think Aloud movesSelf-assess implementationConfirm coaching sessions with admin

Objectives of the DayThink AloudThe most important strategy for complex learning!

Here is where Karen do the Kite activity1115 minutes12ExplainDemonstrateModel/Think AloudComplex ThinkingPoint to the EDI chart. Model first, than group process13Form Triads; Assign ABC Read all parts and highlightA shares for 45 seconds; B shares for additional 30 seconds without repeating anything A saidC shares additional 15 seconds without repeating A or BABC summarize the differences among all three partsInformation FrenzyMoves are for fidelity!Missing moves will NOT have impact on learning!Find ways to make moves happen in your teaching during the first 21 trials!Moves

Use move organizer to record during demoIndependently organize own notes before sharing

Demo PK-1Demo 2-12ObservationUBD/Clear LO/Essential UnderstandingModel/Think Aloud MovesInteractive Strategies/CFUScaffolding Evidence of ImplementationPartner # 118How might students learn differently if the teacher explains the steps without using think aloud moves?

Line of learningWhat have I learned from the demo and the teachers reflection?Ask the demo teacherUse the toolAs you planAfter you teachWhile you collaborateWhen you conference with your principal or mentor

Curriculum ToolIdentify a real unit you will teach/have taught Write at least one or two skill statements that will require Think Aloud (complex thinking)Be ready to share in 15 minutesAsk for help!Guided Practice MapPrincipals Provide CoachingSay that principals need to support the think aloud ideas.21Frequency and Fidelity

Work independentlyMust follow the movesMay use the lesson template or the Web lesson toolShare with a peer at the end of 20 minutesAsk for help!Independent Practice: Plan a Think Aloud Lesson- 20 minutesPrincipals provide coachingTwo StarsOne WishSharing and Celebratingmodel24Think independently for a momentStart with one person, go clock wiseKey words onlySilent activityGo around until all ideas are on the chartCan pass

Group Write

What best practices have you learned so far in new teacher workshops?Change to demo time25Add to your map as you plan, revise or dialogueDesign and teach think aloud lessonsFrequency - about once or twice a weekComplex thinking USE THE MOVES WITH FIDELITY

Reciprocity - Expectations26Work on the map and lesson with your PP or MentorConfirm with your principal regarding a coaching and feedback sessionWiki Describe how you used the Think Aloud moves to develop complex thinking in your studentsminimum one entry or response.Reciprocity - SupportShow your map and bring three copies of a typed lessonLink lesson to your map Map and lesson reflect UBD and clear LOEvidence of scaffolding (expanded skills on map and lesson)Reflects EDI with think aloud movesPlanned CFU (before, during and after each lesson)Embed interactive strategies to cognitively engage students in learning

Final Learning SessionCelebration and ShowcaseRemind them about the past references and lessons on the Wiki28Go to Wiki to fill out the self assessment formPrincipals will observe your lesson and provide support to you before we meet againSelf Assessment


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