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  • 1. NARRATIVE & FILMTHEORYAnna De Azevedo -13 C
  • 2. Is a sequence of events, knowncorrectly as the plot Is the way those events are put together to be presented to an audience.
  • 3. Is the way those events are put together to be presented to an audience. That describes a sequence of fictional or non-fictional events Work of Speech Literature Pictures Motion Pictures Theatre Television Song Writing Film Photography
  • 4. Tzvetan Todorov is a philosopher and cultural critic and the author of over 20 books. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, he has lived in France since 1963. Two of his famous work: (1991) (2000)
  • 5. The fictional environment begins with a state of equilibrium It then suffers some disruption (disequilibrium) New equilibrium is produced at the end of the narrative Sense of a balance Sense of unbalance Sense of a new balance
  • 6. Sam Witwicky Evil The evilliving as Decepticon, decepticonusual. starts the gets kill by the attack with his heroic evil power. Autobot.
  • 7. Peter Parker While he is in the Norman isliving his normal genetics lab gets defeated the cityhigh school life bitten by a mutant is back to normal. spider making him have super powers.
  • 8. Claude Lvi-Strauss born in 28.11.1908 and died 30.10.2009. He was a French anthropologist and ethnologist. French anthropologist whose analysis of kinship and myth gave rise to structuralism as an intellectual force.
  • 9. A conflict between two qualities or terms A binary opposition is a pair of opposites In structuralism, a binary opposition is seen as a fundamental organizer of human philosophy, culture, and language. ADULT CHILD LOVE HATE RICH POOR HUMAN ALIEN MASCULINE FEMININE
  • 10. A boy and girl from differing social backgrounds meet during the ill-fated maiden voyage of RMS Titanic.A long shot of the two A two shot of the Richprinciple characters dancing people on diner tableon the Poor part
  • 11. A poor and passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman and gives her a sense of freedom. They soon are separated by their social differences.A mid shot of the two A two shot of the Richprinciple characters kissing people dancingnext to the simple car. ThePoor part
  • 12. Vladimir Propp was a Russian and Soviet formalist scholar who analyzed the basic plot components of Russian folk tales to identify their simplest irreducible narrative elements. Breaking down a large number of Russian folk tales into their smallest narrative units, or narratives, Propp was able to arrive at a typology of narrative structures.A Russian folk tales
  • 13. The villain (struggles against the hero) The donor (prepares the hero or gives the hero some magical object) The (magical) helper (helps the hero in the quest) The princess (person the hero marries, often sought for during the narrative) Her father The dispatcher (character who makes the lack known and sends the hero off) The hero or victim/seeker hero, reacts to the donor, weds the princess
  • 14. Erving Goffman was a Canadian-born sociologist and writer. Goffman was born in 1922 in Mannville, Alberta, Canada to parents Max Goffman, and his wife, Ann. Goffmans greatest contribution to social theory is his study of symbolic interaction in the form of dramaturgical perspective that began with his 1959 book The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.