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  • 1. Equilibrium Disequilibrium Recongnaition Reparation New equilibrium

2. A period in time whereeverything is runningsmoothly and steadily forher . The characters are atpeace. whos looking for Mrright. 3. journalist In the 27 dress Where therelationship changes betweenthe journalist and her sister forher . she is unsettled . A problem start to arise ,andbecomes bigger betweencharacter . Her sister Her dream man Shes upset because herdream guy(her boss) is takenaway by her sister and also Ijournalist wants to write a badarticle about her else he lose 4. The relationship changes again forthe better (the main characters)start to make peace with each other. 5. The reparation is where therelationship between her and thejournalist start to resolve theirproblems themselves and start tohave felling for each other each other but now Before they hate . they are learn to get alone and even becoming close friends . 6. This is where all the problems are finally restored and characters live are the way she wanted it to be because he did not write the article about her instead they fall in love and get married .This end with a happy ending. 7. Believed that our world is described in binaryopposites . NightDayGoodBadDarkLightMaleFemaleSuperman:Hotel Rwanda:War Vs peace 8. Films Character 1 Character 2Explanationspider manThe differences2(Action) between them isthat one is saving Villain tryinglife and the other Hero saving to have power one is taking life . people lives over everything The hero is using always trying to.his power do the right Killing innocent responsibly and thing.people . the villain is not, Young ,good Old/midel agehe he taking looking ,unfriendlyadvantage overLiving normal life . living his own his power . life separately form other people . the unbornThey both trying(Horror) to end the fight .With different Heroine is Villain is killing ways like the girlyoung ,good people is fight the villainlooking and because of by finding out 9. FilmCharacter 1 Character 2ExplanationAvatar film They both are(Sci-fi)doing what theythink is the rightthing to do. Thevillain is doingHero is very The villain isthis for moneycaring andvery cold and place ofyoung trying to hearted ,only power and thefind what the care what the hero doing thisright thing to do benefits for him. fight for love .in order tomake very onehappy . Makesthe rightchoices 10. Suggested that narrative works with five differentcodes which activate the reader to make sense ofit. Example of a film. Actions Enigma Symbolic Semantic Cultural 11. Actions or behaviour that lead the audience toexpect certain consequences . Something the audience knows and doesnt needexplaining e.g. someone being wheeled out on sstretcher tell us they are going to hospital. 12. Slasher/horrorAction RomanceAction :Action :Action :Going to a darkThe hero and the The couplesroom alonevillain have a battle realise theirBeing suggestive mistakes .Virgin, good heartfemaleAssumption: Assumption:Assumption:Will get killedOne character Kiss passionatelyWill get killedalways dies whichand look at eachWill liveis the villian others eyes 13. That Something hidden from the audience.teases the audience by presenting a puzzle to besolved .Usually thriller mystery based in which thequestion is who is the killer or Example of an enigma code from unborn & Sawfilm:Why is he dead??why is he/she have the weapon. 14. Something that symbolize a more abstract concept e.g darker than usual room of a murder scene could symbolize the depth of darkness.Female victims Male villain (saw) The male has more power then the female 15. Connotative (connotation)meaning ofcharacters,objects,locationsExample Colour :Pretty woman(romance/drama)Red dress represent sexuality and love /passion.Carrie(thriller/horror)Red represent murder and violence. 16. Something that is read with understanding due tocultural awareness e.g youth culture use certainwords that are understood by the culture.Example of a film that uses the culture code is Romeo & JulietLocations,drugs,petrol station and guns which weknow it is the Morden society. 17. He states that all fairytales have common narrative structure and character functions. The villain The dispatcher Helper Princess Her father The donor The hero False hero 18. Shrek heroFairy godmother Charming Villain & donor False heroIn Shrek 2,Shrek The fairy Charming is a falseseeks to begodmother wants hero as he is tryingreunited with Fionaher son charmingto take the heroafter her father ,to become theaction and steelingarrangers for him to prince and try to the killed to ensureget rid of Shrek. reacting like a realthe best future forShe also acts as an hero. Takes creditFiona. Shrek unwilling donor asfor the herosbelieve in order toShrek needs toactions.reunite with Fiona,become humane ishe must become produced at fairyhuman and seeksgodmothers potion 19. Donkey helper Fiona princess King Harold Fionas fartherDonkey helps Shrek wins back King HaroldShrek by comingFiona once he rewards Shrek withwith him inconvinces her thatFiona once he winsbreaking into thecharming is not the the heart of thefactory and stealing human version ofpeople .The reasonthe potion and thenshrek.Fiona iswhy king Haroldhelps him reveal manipulated by herchallenge Shrekcharmings truefairy godmother become he want toidentity to theand her father into see if Shrek iscitizens of far far believing thatworthy of having 20. Express a sense of time which can be detachableand may have manipulation(where time is not liner) Diegesis Narrative range 21. The internal world created by the story Where thecharacters live in, which is showing through a film. Avatar 22. Unrestricted narration A narrative which has no limits to the information that ispresented (gives as much information as possible nothiding any pieces of information to the audience. super size me Restricted narration Only offers minimal information regarding the narrative . The ring is a restricted film becomes there is hiddeninformation 23. Modular narrative (Camercon theory) Episodic Forking path Split screen Anachronic 24. The forking path narrative introduces a number ofplotlines that usually contradict one another. Example of forking film can be the Sliding door 25. Modular narrative the use of flash-back or flash-forwards.These narrative often repeat the scenedirectly or though a different perspective. Example of a flash-back and flash-forwards arethe film 4321 & Memento.