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My visual resume, highlighting my life's journey, who I am and why I'm awesome.


  • meet

    I Y K E

  • Away with the old

    Paper resume says nothing

    about me

  • People would say a lot of stuff about me

    - they may be tad biased


  • To understand a man,

    you must know his memories

    - Sir Anthony Quayle

  • So...This is my lifes journey

    Well, the condensed version

  • The Hard FactIm not alien

  • My goals in life

    - some of them


  • Have a job that I

    L ve

  • Help others improve their lives

    me me

  • Make the world

    a better place

  • Cest Moi- thats me

  • The


  • I started off as a

    Computer programmer- 2004

  • I



    USED &

    As3ActionScript 3.0


    Visual C#

    these programing languages

    and framework

  • .... I taught myselfAnd it gives me pride to say that

  • programming taught me these

    priceless lessons




    Logical Thinking

    Better Understanding of Developers

    Much Easier Collaboration with developers

  • Interested in

    My Formal Education?

  • Electronic Engineering

    - 2010

    I earned a bachelor's degree in

  • From here

  • University of Nigeria

    The Prestigious

  • After graduating college

    I thought to myself....

  • Why can't

    my love

    for graphics



    a career?

    Why can't my love

    for graphics



    a career?

  • a new media company

    And thats how I ended up here

    - 2010

  • I worked on projects for;

    At dRaX ARTS,

    I worked on projects for;

    And a host of others

  • And also taught these

    tools @ dRaX Cave

    dRaX Cave -

    the training arm of

    the dRaX ARTS


    FlAdobe Flash


  • I am GREAT at a couple of things- through hard work, determination and practice

  • User Experience Design- Chief User Experience Designer

    @ dRaX ARTS

  • - User Interface Designer

    @ dRaX ARTS

    User Interface Design

  • Honors -

    Slideshare Top Presentation of the Day

    Slideshare Hot on Twitter

    Slideshare Most Viewed Presentation

    Presentation Design

    Death by powerpoint

    [View Presentation]

  • -Interactive and linear multimedia

    development using Adobe Flash

    Multimedia Development

  • - You wont forget so quickly

    Brand Communication

  • So far..

    Ive spent

    Setting things on fire

    Well, not literally oo!

    5 years

  • But dont just take my word for it

    - See what others have to say

  • And When Im not designing.....

  • Im Listening to


    Jazz, afro beat, soul, rap

    1970s hit, raggae, movie soundtracks

    Weird list abi..

  • busy feeling like

    a RockStar in a Karaoke Bar

  • Surfing the webfor fun and inspiration

  • What do I have to


  • I Think creatively ...way outside the box

  • I adapt to easily

    New Situations...I enjoy challenges

    and adventure

  • ...I have a strong understanding of

    colors, typography, balance, harmony....

    I make great designs

  • Why can't

    my love

    for graphics



    a career?

    Always asking

    how can we

    do it better?

  • Why can't

    my love

    for graphics



    a career?

    Always asking

    how can we

    do it better?

  • I can inspire a team

    to long for great works

    - a team player to the core

  • I am a researcher- always coming up with

    new trends and ideas

  • I do it all with a SMILE

    and sense of HUMOR

    - and ask for more

  • want to

    meet me?- no problemo

  • Thank You!Feel free to get in touch

  • To whom its due

    This is not my resume

    Visual resume

    Can resumes be like this?

    Visual Resume

    - Jordan McDonnel

    - Abi Jones

    - saranyan

    - Jarod Wunneburger

    ... you all inspired this

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