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  • 1. Jillian Rickerd Visual Resume

2. The Basics I live here 3. The Basics Which means I can commute here 4. The Basics I currently work here 5. Beginnings I started out here (and here, and here).How does one get into event planning specifically geared towards university members? Id like to think my upbringing had something to do with it. 6. Beginnings Between 3 states I attended 13 different schools while growing up. As a kid I learned to be adaptable and connect quickly with others.My one constant, my ability to establish new relationships at a rapid pace (and take awkward yearbook photos). 7. EducationUniversity of Northern Colorado, Sociology I attended the University of Northern Colorado, where I planned events for groups like Alpha Phi, Panhellenic Council and the Student Representative Council. 8. Johns Hopkins University Student Activities, 2007-2011I continued planning events and working with students at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. Key Events, Hopkins - Student Activities Fair - Leadership Recognition Program - Leadership Workshops - Teambuilding Workshops - Meditation Workshops - Employee holiday partyOther Responsibilities - Daily University Announcements/Web Content, Todays Announcements - Managed student staff - Managed online student database and website 9. Towson UniversityAlumni Relations 2011-2013 At Towson I coordinated events, and served as a connector in my role as Alumni Reunion and Social Media Coordinator. Key Events, Towson - 50th Reunions - Milestone Year Reunions - Charlestown Reunion - Ward and West Reunion - Class of 1955 Reunion - Millennium Reunion - Tailgating - Graduation StationSocial Media - Social Media Strategies - Managed communities - Social Media Marketing - Increased Traffic and Engagement 10. LinkedInUniversity Recruiting Events and Operations 2013-Present At LinkedIn I work with LinkedIn University Recruiters to plan and execute high-touch candidate experiences through unique events. Key Events, LinkedIn - Intern Program - Bocce Ball - Hornblower Cruise - Sushi Class - Brown Bag Speaker Series - NYC Speaker Series - Disneyland Trip -Napa Trip -Product Open House -Jeff Weiner Brown Bag -Invitational (Batch Day) Program with emphasis on APM, GSO and Product Management