most beautiful locations around west hartford for fall scenery

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Fall in West Hartford

Fall in West Hartford

Photo Credit: Anthony ReyesFall in West Hartford is very picturesque, as you see in this picture I was standing in the University of Hartford residential side, specifically the villages. The colors around the quads are vibrant as the leaves are changing.

Photo Credit: Anthony Reyes

This picture displays the view that I see from my window, I chose to use this picture because before I was tasked with this assignment I overlooked how beautiful these trees were, I walked past them everyday without even noticing the colors of the leaves, and just how much they add the aesthetics of the campus.

Photo Credit: Anthony ReyesThis picture was taken at Hoe Pond, in the Talcott Mountain State Park. The park features the metacomet trail that immerses you into the forest, the trail guides you along to 1,000 foot high peak where you can see neighboring towns of Avon and Farmingdale. You also get a great view of the fall foliage. It might not be informative, but sometimes the things that teach you the most are the things, that you often ignore.

Photo Credit : Anthony ReyesTrees also located on the University of Hartford campus, specifically outside of Regents Park housing complex. These trees were planted during a campus beautification initiative that takes place annually at the University of Hartford. It is beautiful what these trees add to the view that you see from a Regents window.

Photo Credit:Anthony ReyesHere we get an overhead view of the Tumble brook country club right off of 185. This country club has some great views as it is surrounded by wooded areas, that displays an array of different colors. The course is open year round except when closed due to inclement weather. It has been around since 1922, and features 27 holes.

Photo Credit: Anthony Reyes