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  • Weathering in granite landscapes

  • Granite mineralogyLarge irregular crystals which is which?QuartzFeldsparBiotiteWhen and how was Dartmoors granite formed?

  • Granite structureDescribe the structure of granite how were the joints formed?Is granite permeable?

  • Granite and weatheringGranite is susceptible to many types of weathering. Describe how the following processes denude the graniteHydrolysisChelationFreeze-thawOrganic action

  • TorsThe most characteristic landform of a granite landscape is the tor.What is a tor?Name two areas of the British Isles where granite tors are found.

  • Theories of tor formationThe explanation for the formation of tors and been subject to some controversyThere are two main theories:LintonPalmer and NeilsonDraw detailed, labelled diagrams explaining the two theories.

  • Joint control in granite landscapesThis model shows a granite landscape inSW England viewed from above. Thereare two vertical joint sets at right angles to each other. Areas of granite with widely-spaced joints (massive zones) give ridgesand tors; areas with closely spaced joints are more easily weathered and give basins.The streams follow joints and tend to haveright-angle bends a rectilinear drainagepattern.