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Lisa Bordians PLN Reflection

Lisa Bordians PLN ReflectionOne womans journey from Luddite to 21st Century Learner

When I began EDU210, I had never heard ofa PLN (Professional Learning Network). The only technology I used was my cell phone and my email, and Im ashamed to say I had over 1,000 messages in my inbox because I never really spent time managing it. I wasnt on Facebook, had no idea what a hyperlink was, and had never touched a Smart Board. However, I knew that I needed to be connected in order to update my skills. What I didnt realize was how inspired I would be by what I learned, and how excited I would be to pass my knowledge on to my future students.


Some of my favorite experts to follow are:Here is a screenshot of my current Twitter Account. I have 7 Tweets posted, am following 28 people, and have 10 followers. I had never been on Twitter before EDU 210. I thought it was some sort of website for celebrities. I thought a tweet was something only birds could do. I am honestly shocked by how useful I find Twitter. I have accessed it numerous times over the course of this term, especially when I am researching information on topics that I am writing about. I love having access to all of the experts and resources that Twitter puts at my fingertips. on the above link to be directed to the website)

Jeffrey Dunn is the face of Edudemic. His website and twitter feed provide endless information about user-friendly ways to connect education and technology. What I like about following him, is that he tweets frequently about practical uses of attainable technologies that I could implement quickly. Some of the recent topics he tweeted about include: Top 10 iPad Tips for Teachers, 6 Online Tools that will help the writing process, and 2nd Graders Share Thought on #iPads in the classroom.He also publishes the Edudemic Daily, an insightful daily compilation of current news and features that you can connect to through Twitter, or sign up to receive with your email. Always interesting! on the above link to be directed to the website)

This not for profit organization provides PD, leadership and resources for teachers (supported by the Govt of Alberta, the ATA, Faculty of Ed at U of A, and the College of AB School Superintendents).I really like that they provide free webinars on a range of topics such as: Search Strategies for Elem Students, and Open Use Multimedia Sources. They also send out Vantage and Tek Tok newsletters that you can subscribe to by email. Vantage has info on curriculum themes, web 2.0 tools, AT, & Digital Citizenship. Tek Tok has info on digital technology for parents of early learners.They tweet frequently, and have a great resource section on their website where you can link directly to the grade level you are interested in and find apps, software and activities by subject. above to visit their website)

The National Association for the Education of Young Children is an organization based in the U.S., that advocates on behalf of young children, particularly from infancy through grade three. I like to follow the news and trends that they are tweeting about because I am particularly concerned about the filtering down of expectations and practices from upper grades (including standardized testing) that interfere with developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood classrooms. They tweet frequently on topics of interest to teachers and parents. I think linking parents to this resource will help underscore and explain the importance of play for early learners, something that is an area of concern for many.

Some of my other newfound PLNs

When I started I was not linked to anything or anyone. Now I have a PLN on Twitter, Im creating pinboards to find resources with my new Pinterest PLN, and Im connected to other professionals on Edmodo and Microsofts PiL Network.

When I first started this journey, I had no idea that I would move from literally being afraid of technology to being excited about using it. Ive come a long way from needing to call EdTech services (thats right, I called them on the phone!) to figure out how to post to my first ever discussion forum that first week in eClass. I can now link to EdChat whenever I need to. I have posted some tweets, but still find the idea of something I say being out there forever a bit intimidating. For now, I am happy to be a follower, lurking around and learning a lot I am sorry to see this class end, but am happy that I will continue to be linked in to other experts and resources on any subject through my PLNs (Twitter, Pinterest, Edmodo, and Microsofts PiL Network).My journey from luddite to connected constructivist will continueWelcome to 21st Century Learning Lisa!