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  1. 1. Things to know in modular kitchen unit
  2. 2. If it is the first time you design modular kitchen for your home then lot of points and figures get over in mind You will wonder with the key things to look for while meeting interior designers When you venture in to kitchen market you probably might get confused There are lot of modular kitchen designs available in the market to choose Your choice is infinite and you will end up lot of misconception in choosing right design
  3. 3. Beginners in modular kitchen use our rule book to get started with kitchen plan
  4. 4. Initially you will probably might not aware of work triangle space For your knowledge, its space consists of sink, refrigerator and hob You will understand that its important to choose this large part of kitchen layout It is all about how these three items interact with each other
  5. 5. Location and space between each other items decides the space utility When you work with best interior designers, you will get to know more about this Before your meeting with them, you just draw rough sketch in kitchen space This is an effective thing before choosing the right modular kitchen
  6. 6. Remember you are responsible for kitchen maintenance in the long run Try to avoid fully white kitchen set up as it needs consistent cleaning and maintenance. Dont choose color hues blindly Light colors gives a refreshing touch to the room
  7. 7. Whereas dark color shades attracts heat especially in summer In fact it is wise to choose two color mix match that go well with overall room harmony You should ensure your kitchen color shade mingles well with overall home decoration as well
  8. 8. Kitchen design and look
  9. 9. Cooking activity produces lot of heat. Chimneys or exhaust fan vent out frying fumes outside kitchen area Door next to open the balcony or washing area allows fresh air inside cooking area When you are not cooking, this fresh air gives soothing feel in kitchen Ventilation is a key to ensure all smoke not amass in the room
  10. 10. Standard countertop height in Indian modular kitchen is below 1000metre Make sure your interior designers keep this distance with kitchen cabinet and counter top Otherwise you will face difficulties in reaching the upper shelves Eco-friendly bins Built in bins are effective trash cleaner with separation for wet and dry wastes You can make your modular kitchen Eco-friendly in this way
  11. 11. Natural light come inside your kitchen through window gives a bright and refreshing look Fix a right light effect and it should fall on counter top Most of your kitchen actions are happening in counter top only The lighting under cabinet lights are also popular in trending kitchen designs The direct shine on under cabinets in kitchen area is trend setting kitchen interior look nowadays Direct lighting on counter top gives a big plus to cook at night
  12. 12. Your modular kitchen should be a safe place to work Check for proper gas piping with no leaking to countertop edges Choose flooring design as slip resistant In fact it should be easy to clean from spills and breaks Your kitchen switch board should come from a distance between basin and stove You can place kitchen appliances and utensils close to switch board
  13. 13. You should not think corner space is of no use While developing storage shelves and cabinets you tend to ignore it Consult with your interior designers to use it effectively. For instance, you use it as blind corner cabinets Use your corner space to the fullest Once you do, you will get more kitchen space You dont complain about newly available kitchen storage space. Latest kitchen designs gives many ideas on blind corner cabinets
  14. 14. You just buy a large steel garbage container to clean regularly If you prefer to keep trash outside the kitchen area, then buy it In a word, some best interior designers company offer you built in bins to fix behind cabinet door To keep your trash away from public eye, you can buy these bins
  15. 15. Renovate your old kitchen design
  16. 16. Modern kitchen design has modern touch with well-defined look It is designed with straight lie cuts and clean finish Choose uniquely available modern kitchen with perfect finish and color patterns Arranging and re-arranging process is very easy. Also maintenance and repairing kitchen modules very simple procedure If your modular kitchen unit goes wrong, you can fix it easily Modern kitchen with de-cluttered look and ample storage space
  17. 17. You can fix the affected part without disturbing other functional units With the help of your interior designers you can even do installing kitchen units. Since installation is quick fix process here clearing the modern kitchen is easy and effortless comparatively with traditional kitchen High quality material in kitchen units gives long lasting durability In a couple of weeks procedure, you can bid adieu to your old kitchen
  18. 18. You cant get modular kitchen from a carpenter or a local shop You need to get it from professional interior design company in your location To keep your kitchen clean, you need to clean and maintenance in regular basis To get the quality and look, you need to spend extra money This you can avoid by hiring a budget friendly interior design service
  19. 19. Sleek and Trendy modular kitchen is easy to get with best interior designers