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The need for modular kitchen and the trend for new kitchen have made a random change in interior design works. A user can design a dream kitchen according to his taste, because modular kitchen is easy to implement. There are different models for modular kitchen according to its arrangement such as L shaped, U shaped etc. CuisineClassica describes various types and models of modular kitchen.


  • 1. Types of Modular Kitchen

2. Clean and hygienic kitchen helps to avoid most of the diseases and food poison. Each and every item such as plates, bags, spoons, knifes, cleaning objects etc should be placed properly for a clean and hygienic kitchen. 3. Kitchen is a room or a work space used for cooking and food preparation. A typical kitchen consists of stove, refrigerator, sink and cabinets according to its design. 4. Modular kitchen is made as pre-made cabinets. They are reassembled according to space, usage and need of user. Modular kitchen have many advantages as compared to our old kitchen. 5. Space Height Width Clearance Comfortable Convenience 6. One way gallery Two way gallery L kitchen U kitchen Island kitchen 7. ONE WAY GALLERY 8. TWO WAY GALLERY 9. L SHAPED KITCHEN 10. U SHAPED KITCHEN 11. ISLAND KITCHEN 12. Welcome to the dream world of most modern modular kitchen. CUISINECLASSICA