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  1. 1. RVE DESIGNS CDESIGNERS, MANUFACTURERS, SUPPLIER, INTERIOR DESIGNERSFOR KITCHEN, OFFICE & HOME FURNITURESRve DesignsCreating Your Style & ComfortModular WardrobeBed FrameCrockery UnitShoe RackStudy TableTv Wall UnitTurn Key Interior Design#46,Vijayanagar, Bangalore 560040, Karnataka, INDIAE-mail :, Mobile : +91 9164350999 /+91 7026248146 / +91 7026248147www.rvedesigns.comModular KitchenFactory outlet pricestarts @ 990/sft
  2. 2. Modular KitchenTToo mmaakkee yyoouurr DDrreeaamm lliiffee ssttyyllee ccoommee ttrruuee iitt iiss nneecceessssaarryy ttoo aarrrraannggee aallll tthhiinnggsswith Perfection. There comes the role of Interior Designers where we help you tomake your Dream come truePPPlllaaaiiinnn /// CCCuuutttllleeerrryyy /// TTThhhaaallliiiBaskets WWee wweerree iinniittiiaallllyy uunnssuurree ooff oouurrdecision to go in for a brand newkitchen for our thirty year old home.The fi nal result now invites wowsfrom our friends.- Mrs. Sangheetha Neither me nor my wife had thetime to go into the nitty-gritty ofkitchen details, since we are out thewhole day. Rve Designs was extreme-llyypprrooffeessssiioonnaall iinn tthheeiirr aapppprrooaacchh,,adherence to time and to estimatedbudget.- Mr. Rajesh Aurora
  3. 3. WWee ooffffeerr tthhee mmoosstt MMooddeerrnn aacccceessssoorriieess ccoommpprriissiinngg wwiiddee vvaarriieettiieess ooffStandard Materials and equipments. We offer 100% quality and Durability inour product and servicesSpice pulloutBasketModular Kitchen
  4. 4. TTuurrnn kkeeyy IInntteerriioorr DDeessiiggnn wwiitthh ssuuppeerrvviissiioonnEnd to End solution for your new houseEnd to end solution for renovating your existing house interiorsComplete Modular Kitchen and wardrobe solutionTTTaaallllll UUUnnniiittt /// PPPaaannntttrrryyy UUUnnniiitttModular Kitchen I was pleasantly surprised to fi ndthe people at Rve Designs were soopen to suggestions. They welcomedour ideas too and gave lots of con-ceptual3D sketches which helped usto fi nalize the design.- Mrs. Agnihothri
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  6. 6. Modular Wardrobe WWiitthh WWiiddee RRaannggee OOff CCoonntteemmpprroorraayy Collections, Flexible Systems Speed was very important to ourproject. Not only did the designers atRve Designs complete the project ontime, but it was done in a way thathas given us complete peace of mindwith regard to quality and durabil-ity.- Mr. Rajkheshav
  7. 7. And Infinite finishes, Configuration, AccessoriesWWee ooffffeerr uunnlliimmiitteeddScope and optionsFor creatingBedroom of yourDreamsAdjustable hinges,Shelves, hangerSpaceSmooth runningDrawersMatt / glossyFinish shuttersModular Wardrobe
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