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Essentials Tools for Every Modular Kitchen KnifeIndia


Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives seem to be utility tool which has been used for centuries with the evolution of human species on earth.

But the form of these knives has changed a lot from the past compared to todays exquisite range of kitchen knives which are present in many forms according to the applications of it.

Kitchen Cutlery Set seem to be an essential tool which you might have seen in every modular kitchens in today.


Have a Look at Some Kitchen Tools

Paring KnivesBoning KnivesFilleting KnivesTomato PeelerTomato KnivesTomato Peeler


Paring Knives

Paring Knives which is a small knife with a plain edge perfect to be used for peeling and other small or intricate work like removing the seeds from the fruit, skinning mushrooms, cutting and garnishing.

These Kitchen tool helps a lot in to do minute work in the kitchens.


Boning Knives

Boning Knives blades are ice tempered and then precision flat ground for maximum cutting power.

The handles of this fixed blade knife is perfect and carefully designed to ensure a strong, secure and yet comfortable grip.

They feature a stiff Zy-Ex core on the inside, with a softer, deeply checkered Kraton exterior for a the kind of non-slip grip


Filleting Knives

Filleting Knives are most popular to be used to fillet and prepare fish

Filleting knives are very flexible boning knife that gives a perfect control and aids in filleting.

Tomato Knives

Tomato Knives seems to be perfect to skin the fruits and other kitchen vegetables.

These kitchen knives are fixed blade knives which has a dual drop point edge perfect for tomatoes.

Tomato Peelers

Potato Peeler seems to be an essential tool which cant be missed in any kitchen where it can be used for peeling the skin of most of the fruits and vegetables.

The Victorinox potato peelers blade is made from stainless steel which makes it to use for longer period of time and durable as well.


The best cutlery knives which is mostly used all the modular kitchen all around the world and specially in India the popularity of these are making a high boom in the utility market.

Victorinox has the best kitchen knives including the boning knives, paring knives, peelers, filleting knives, carving knives, tomato knives and other kitchen which are very essential for every modern kitchen.

The most popular Victorinox knives in India which you might have seen in every modular kitchens in India and most of them are being used by the top chefs of India as well.


Today no modular kitchen can be completed with the best kitchen tools.For More Kitchen Tools :