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  • 1. This publication is produced by the Social Development Unit
  • 2. Contents INTRODUCTION 2 RULES OF THE GAME 6 GAME TIPS 8 READY, GET SET 10 GETTING TO KNOW YOU 16 Mix n Match 17 TicTacToe 18 TicTacToeToo 20 Bingo! 22 1,001 Questions? 24 GETTING TO KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU 26 Secret Pal 27 He Said, She Said 29 DATING GAMES 31 Speed Dating 32 Blind Date 34 GAMES FOR ALL OCCASIONS 36 Charades 37 Directors Chair 39 Blind Voice Recognition 40 Land Mine 41 The Amputator 43 LAST WORD 44 Disclaimer: The masculine pronoun is conveniently used throughout the book to avoid cumbersome language use. No discrimination or bias is intended.
  • 3. Why Mix N Match The results from one of SDUs surveys reinforce what we all knew instinctively as children: when it comes to socialising, individuals look for an informal setting, and singles prefer to interact with the opposite sex through the familiar. More than 85% of singles say that the ideal way to find a partner is to have friends and family introduce the dates to them. Additionally, half of those surveyed see the workplace as one of the best places to meet a suitable match. So, whats the score? Singles prefer the familiar, and informal, when it comes to dating, and playing games definitely provides one of the most informal settings for couples to get to know one another. Introduction Most of us played games when we were young, during recess time, Where do you fit in? You are someone who enjoys games. Better yet, you are someone who enjoys organising games for the enjoyment of others. It doesnt matter whom you are doing it for, be it a social community club or group, or a company; whats important is that or at home with neighbours of the same age. From hopscotch, to you believe in the power of games. You are in charge of, or are hide-and-seek and police-and-thief, those sessions helped us to interested in, arranging activities that let singles meet in a friendly make friends and get along with the opposite sex. Well, some things and relaxed setting. This fun book will help you break the ice between dont change and, today even as adults, we still play games. Be it men and women and help them get to know each other in an tennis, Scrabble, or a day at the beach, these activities help us informal and fun environment. It has games and tips that stimulate unwind, relax, and yes, widen our social circle, meet people and get and promote different degrees of interaction. It also has tips for to know a potential partner. It is therefore not uncommon for a anyone who wants to help individuals meet on a one-on-one basis. couple to end up dating after they get to know each other through a few sessions of rollerblading, for example. For sure, this book is not designed for you to help singles get hitched. It is to show you how to organise games that let singles interact and make more friends. And, in the process of playing the games, they may end up meeting their match and finding their life partner. So, as they say in the Olympics let the games begin. 2 Mix N Match - The dating game s guid e 3
  • 4. How to use this guide This guide maps the typical stages of social interaction: from strangers to friends to, hopefully, soul mates. However, there is no particular order to using this book, so feel free to jump to different sections Getting according to your needs. Getting To Know You This is the section for you if you want games and activities to break the ice between groups of people To meeting for the first time. Know All About You Getting Getting To Know All About You This section is what you need to develop relationships between couples or groups of people familiar with each other. To Every game has its rules so check out the objectives and method for each activity when in doubt. These are spelt out clearly in each section, along with suggestions on how to vary the activity. We encourage you to experiment and adapt the rules according to your Know particular situation and setting, and to look for ways to improve the interaction among participants. And theres absolutely nothing to stop you from coming up with other ingenious ways to add some spice to these games. You 4 Mix N Match - The dating game