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Mills Elementary. Kindergarten Rodeo. Cactus Course. Kindergarten students. ride their horses around the cactus course,. Cow Milking. take a turn at milking cows,. Bull Riding. try out bull riding,. Calf Scramble. chase calves,. Chuck Wagon. gather at the chuck - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Mills ElementaryKindergarten Rodeo

  • Cactus CourseKindergarten students. ride their horses around the cactus course,

  • Cow Milkingtake a turn at milking cows,

  • Bull Ridingtry out bull riding,

  • Calf Scramblechase calves,

  • Chuck Wagongather at the chuck wagon for beans andcornbread,

  • Cowboy Musicdance,

  • Pin the Tail on the Donkeycheck out the donkey,

  • Horseshoe Tosstake aim and toss,

  • Calf Head Ropingand discover new talents.

  • A Mills Elementary Rodeo Day for Students and ParentsCowboys /Cowgirls had a great day!