south salem elementary curriculum night third grade teachers: ms. howard, mrs. baker, ms. ley, mrs....

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Fairview Elementary Curriculum Night Second Grade

South Salem ElementaryCurriculum NightThird GradeTeachers: Ms. Howard, Mrs. Baker, Ms. Ley, Mrs. Day, Mr. Holder, Mrs. Edmunds, Ms. King, Mrs. MillsPrincipal: Ms. Terran NewmanAssistant Principals: Ms. Clydia Newell and Mr. Jeffrey Hughes

1Adopted by most of the countryResearch-based curriculum studiesFocused, clear standards for teachers, parents and students to understand what is expected of themCollege-ready standardsSpiral approach, through 3rd grade, and all grade levelsIncorporates subjects within each other ;Examples: Science texts and articles are studied in Reading, Graphing and charts are made to show historical facts in Social Studies, etc.)

Common CoreCurriculumMath- Envision Math. This curriculum focuses on the new CCGPS standards for math and also prepares students for the Georgia Milestones. Major topics: Number Sense, Measurement, Data, Problem Solving, GeometryReading/Language Arts/Writing - This year, we will be studying various books to reach the rigor of the GSE standards. We will incorporate grammar, writing, reading fluency, and phonics into our book studies.Science Houghton Mifflin: Magnets, Rocks and Minerals, Soil, Habitats, Social Studies Our Democratic Heritage, Historical Figures, Branches of Government, Rights and Freedoms, Mountains and Rivers, Health - Assessments and Rubrics

AssessmentsReading Comprehension, vocabulary, A.R.SpellingMath: Performance tasks, chapter quizzes, fact testsWriting: Rubric Sci./SS/Health: Performance Tasks, Projects*Please note that many grades will be performance based in the classroom. Therefore, there may not be as many graded papers, etc. to send home.

RubricsCategory 4 3 2 1Criteria Areas for assessing studentsAttached to writingWill be provided with any projects

Lexile ScoresLexile Reader Measure A students reading level

Lexile Text Measure A books level of difficulty

FIND a book at your childs level - OFREADINGDEVELOPMENTGRADELEVELGUIDED READING LEVELLEXILELEVELACCELERATEDREADER LEVEL(ATOS)EmergentKA-B0.20.4C0.50.6C-D0.70.9Early1A-B0.20.4C-D0.50.6D-F0.70.9F-G1.01.2G-H200-2491.31.5H-I1.6-1.9I250-2991.6-1.9I2.0-2.4Early2E-F0.70.9F-G1.01.2G-H200-2491.31.5H-I1.6-1.9H-I250-2991.6-1.9I-J2.0-2.4J300-3492.0-2.4J2.5-2.9K-L350-4492.5-2.9M450-4993.0-3.4N500-5493.4-3.9Fluent3J-M300-4992.5-2.9N500-5493.0-3.40550-5993.4-3.9P-Q600-7494.0-4.4Fluent4M450-4992.5-2.9N500-5493.0-3.4O550-5993.4-3.9P-Q600-7494.0-4.4R750-7994.5-4.9S-T800-8495.0-5.4Fluent5Q700-7494.0-4.4R750-7994.5-4.9S-V800-8995.0-5.9

BENCHMARK TESTINGSTAR Reading and Math Universal Screenings Scheduled 3 times throughout the year

Both tests give us a current measure of where students are performing, their academic growth, and are used for instructional planning.

NCSS District Benchmark Tests - (Grades 1-5)Reading, ELA and Mathematics CurriculumOctober December February

Important Facts to Remember About Georgia Milestones

New Test to replace the CRCT New Types of QuestionsSelected Response (Multiple choice) (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies)Constructed Response (Short answer citing text) (ELA and Math)Extended Response (Essay type question citing text) (ELA and Math)

Online Testing for 5th gradePaper and pencil for 3rd and 4th gradeCriterion and Norm Referenced QuestionsCriterion: Test students on the standardsNorm Referenced: Compare students with other students across the nation.

Friday FoldersNewsletter and Graded PapersNewslettersGrade level newsImportant datesCurriculum for the weekIf you have not signed up to receive these via email please make sure I have your email address before you leave tonight.

Progress Report This is used to monitor your childs conduct. Please sign it and return on Mondays.Please return all graded papers back signed with the Friday Folder. Please take all papers out of the Friday Folder on the side that says keep at home.Classroom Standards of Behaviorfor 3rd GradeSouth Salem Standards of Behavior1. Listen and follow directions.2. Be kind with your words and actions.3. Use self control.4. Make good choices.5. Always do your best.Rewards-IncentivesConsequences

Safety RulesOne of the biggest goals here at South Salem is to provide a SAFE environment for your child.Parents and any visitors must sign in to the front office before going anywhere in the building.All doors will be locked at all times, including until 7:00 a.m. in the morning. We practice and review safety drills and procedures constantly with your child to ensure their safety.If at any time your child has medical needs or changes, please let us know! Always have an emergency number available for us just in case we are unable to reach you.Attendance Your child needs to be in school, on time, every single day. They lose valuable instructional time if they are absent or tardy.Students must be in the classroom by 7:40 to be counted present; after 7:40, parents must sign them in at the officeWe can only use five parent excuses for absences. After this, you must provide a doctors excuse. Also, please provide excuses within three days of your child returning to school.Dress Code RulesStudents are required to wear suitable clothing to school to participate in physical education and recess time. Please make sure that your child does not wear flip-flops to school. It is unsafe and can cause your child to sit out due to inappropriate footwear.Please do not send your child to school with baggy pants or pants that sit to low on little girls. It can be uncomfortable to them when participating in activities.Also, girls need to make sure that their stomach is covered and they wear shorts or shirts that are appropriate.Transportation And Cafeteria RulesTRANSPORTATION:Children need to go home the same way every day if possible. If there is a change, please make sure to write or fax a note in your handwriting to me or the office.Car riders need to be picked up by 2:30 everyday. No checkouts after 1:30 p.m.CAFETERIA:Please be here by 7:30 to eat breakfastThere will be only 3 charges for lunch/breakfast allowed

State Curriculum updateIn February of 2015, the State Board of Education voted to rename the ELA and Mathematics standards to the Georgia Standards of Excellence.The coding for the standards has been updated to include GSE.ELACC3RF3 has changed to ELAGSE3RF3The newly revised ELA and Math standards will be implemented during the 2015-2016 school year. The following links provide a summary of the changes for ELA and Math

GA MilestonesStudents in grades 3-8 will take the End of Grade Assessment in each content area:Language ArtsMathScienceSocial StudiesGA Milestones measures how well the students have learned the knowledge and skills outlined in the state adopted content standards.Features include: constructed responses in Language Arts and Math, a writing component, and norm referenced items to provide a national comparison.The state will continue to transition to online testing over time.

GA MilestonesVideo link with more information about Milestones Any Questions????

Conferences:They will be held throughout the first two weeks of September. If you were unable to send back the form in the Friday Folders, please sign up for a time on my table.Thank you for ComingThank you for coming out! We appreciate all your support! Were looking forward to a wonderful year with your child!


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