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newsletter for tenants of meres and mosses hosuing association


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    Celebrating 5 successful years

    For all the local news about your community | Issue 22 Autumn 2012


    Meres News


    Tenant Involvement and Empowerment


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    Value for Money standard

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    Governance and Financial Viability


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    2Home standard

    Our regulator, The Homes & Communities Agency, has asked all social landlords to produce local offers through seven standards that cover the services we provide. Our current offers are set out in the Tenants Report 2012 provided with this newsletter.

    All updates on the local offers will be marked with the appropriate sticker (see below) for the standard it applies to.


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    CONTENTSShropshire Football Association in conjunction with Shropshire Housing Group recently held a football coaching course at Charter Court, Fairfields Estate, Market Drayton for young people aged 16 and over. The free course was a great success with 6 people qualifying as Level 1 coaches. They were also given a free kit, sponsored by Shropshire Housing Group.

    You can contact us in a number of ways:

    PHONE 0300 303 1190 or REPAIRS FREEPHONE 0800 592418EMAIL WRITINg by sending your letter to us at Meres and Mosses Housing Association, Talbot House, High Street, Wem SY4 5AA.

    IN PERSON by coming along to the reception desk at Talbot House.

    OFFICE OPENINg HOURSOur normal office opening hours are:

    9.00AM-5.00PM MONdAY - FRIdAY


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    2 | Meres News Autumn 2012 | Tel: 0300 303 1190

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    Miss Ollerenshaw from Wem won a 100 Tesco voucher for allowing our auditors into her home after her annual gas service had been completed. All tenants who allow the auditors to inspect gas servicing work in their homes are entered into the prize draw.

    Martine Crossley walked through the door of the Fairfields Wednesdays drop in sessions in February and now there is no holding her back.

    She had been out of work for 6 years and lacked confidence and direction.

    She was met by friendly staff from MMHA and Shropshire Council, who over a cup of coffee, boosted her confidence and gave her guidance and advice.

    Two weeks later Martine had secured a job, and although she has been made redundant due to cutbacks, went straight back out there and got another job.

    Martine said The atmosphere at the drop in sessions is so friendly and relaxed and the staff made me believe in myself

    She is also in the process of recruiting a netball and rounders team locally, working with MMHA to acquire support and funding.




    Gas servicinG

    audit Winner

  • satisFied With Kitchens

    4 | Meres News Autumn 2012 | Tel: 0300 303 1190

    St Peters School, Wem held their own Olympic events, complete with podium, medals and closing ceremony. MMHA gave the school 500 towards the day. Head of Housing, Nirmal Samrai gave out medals to some of the winners.

    The kitchen replacement programme has achieved 100% satisfaction.

    Mrs Chebsey mentioned how happy she was with the kitchen as her wall cupboards were lowered so she could reach inside and use the top shelf as she could not reach them in her old kitchen.

  • Group News Autumn 2012 | Tel: 0300 303 1190

    Group News

    STAR SuRvey Tell uSwhAT you Think AbouT ouR SeRviceSEvery 2 years Shropshire Housing Group, along with many other landlords across the county, asks all tenantswhat you think of the services we provide.

    Surveys will be going out to all our tenants in Septemberand October, to give you a chance to tell us what you think.Most surveys will be in paper form, however we have listened to what you said about the best way to contact you, and some surveys may be carried out by telephone or other methods.

    In order to ensure you can freely say what you think, thesurveys will be carried out by an external organisation.However, they will clearly state that they are doing thison our behalf, so that you can be reassured that the callis genuine. If you do have any concerns, please contactCustomer Services. We hope that you will take the time toanswer & return the survey as this will help us to improveour services.

    Some examples of what we have done after the lastsurvey are that we have improved the support we offer inanti-social behaviour cases and introduced the ability tocommunicate with tenants by text.

    TenAnT cenSuSWe are constantly updating our records to ensure ourinformation is accurate and to help us plan the best services.If you have not yet completed a Resident Census form wemay contact you to make sure the information we holdabout you is up-to-date.

    Alternatively please email us at (giving your name, address & contact number) or call us on 0300 303 1190 and we will call you back to take your details. The form is also available on our website.

    This information has recently helped us to contact tenantswho may be affected by the Governments welfare reforms,and to explain to them how we can help. We have alsoidentified everyone who may need an adaptation in their property, and have added these to our list ofadaptations needed.

    Live 4Less is a free programme for tenants on how to save money, including budgeting, saving money on bills, food and travel. It also outlines how to increase your income

    and lower your outgoings, how to deal with debt problems and much more. Please contact us to book your place on the

    programme or to tell us that you would like a session to be run in your area.

    13 45 6



  • Pointing you in the right financial direction

    Group News Autumn 2012 | Tel: 0300 303 1190

    ConvenienceMany employers insist on paying wages into a bank account. You can have all your welfare benefits paid into a bank account which means that you do not have to make time to go to a Post Office to cash a cheque.

    FlexibilityInstead of carrying all of your money with you, you can use a debit card to buy things or withdraw a small amount of money from cash machines.

    SafetyMoney left in a home or in your bag or wallet can be stolen or lost. Money in a bank account is insured against loss so even if your bank goes bankrupt, your money is still safe.

    Bill PayingMany bank accounts allow account holders to make regular bill payments. This saves you time and often means you can buy services at a much cheaper rate.

    AdvAnTAgeS of hAving A bAnk AccounT:

    bASic bAnk AccounTS

    With a basic bank account you:S Can pay in cheques for freeS Can take money out at cash machinesS Can pay bills by Direct Debit or standing order

    (which usually means the services are cheaper)S Are usually free UNLESS you dont have enough

    funds in the account when a direct debit is drawn when you will receive a charge - which can be up to 20 a time

    S Dont get a cheque bookS Dont get an overdraft.

    When choosing a basic bank account check:S You can use cash machines near where you live or

    work for free (ask the bank or building society if you arent sure)

    S There is a branch of the bank/building society nearby where you can pay in money and check your account

    S You can pay money in or get money out at a Post Office branch, if this is important for you

    S You will get the services you need like a debit card, Direct Debits or standing orders.

    Pointing you in the right financial direction

    Some people may find it difficult to open a regular bank account, especially if they have a poor credit history. A basic bank account is a good option.

    Pointing you in the right financial direction

  • Pointing you in the right financial direction | Group News Autumn 2012

    AdvAnTAgeS of hAving A bAnk AccounT:

    LudlowMondays & Thursdays office hours: South Shropshire Voluntary Action, Corve Street Thursdays 10.00 11.30: Rockspring Community Centre, Sandpits Estate

    Craven Arms:South Shropshire Housing Association, The Gateway Tuesdays 14.00 16.00

    Wem:Meres and Mosses Housing Association, Talbot House Tuesdays by appointment

    Market Drayton: Community Information Centre Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9.30 1pm & 1.30; Saturdays 9.30 1pm

    Pointing you in the right financial direction

    Shropshire Housing Group does a lot of work with Just Credit Union. They offer a basic bank account. They have community branches at:

    You can also contact them on 01743 252 325 or go to:

    Pointing you in the right financial direction

    houSing benefiT chAngeSFrom April 2013 a limit will be put on the amount of benefit peopl