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Newsletter of SparkLit. (Formerly the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Australia and the Australian Christian Literature Society.)


  • SPCKA NewsAutumn 2013

    Whats so Indian about the India Commentary on the New Testament?

    Ayeln Horwitz reports from LittWorld 2012

    More books are needed. Now!

  • I discovered a whole new world of colleagues willing to mutually support each other professionally and spiritually. Ilearned that a passion for literature ministries and a shared vision is what propels our work.

    Book people I am really grateful for the opportunity to take part in this inspiring event and discover a precious Christian commu-nity of book people. I was greatly enriched by learning from the experience of others.

    Thank you for encouraging me, valuing me and investing in my future.

    Please pray that I will continue to develop my skills and learn from others. Pray that our publishing team might be salt and light in a society that is increasingly hedonistic and individualistic but spiritually inquisitive.

    Ayeln Horwitz works as an editor and project coordinator with CertezaArgentina in Buenos Aires.

    A R G E N T I N A

    God is up to something good!Ayeln Horwitz reports from LittWorld 2012.

    I was led to believe that at LittWorld important people would be accessible and approachable. And it was true! Without doubt one of the principal benefits of attending this conference was getting to know people from diverse contexts and disciplines with

    whom I could share my ambitions and challenges. TheLittWorld community not only offers a professional network but also something I hoped for but didnt dare expect: mentors willing to accompany me in my ministry and nurture my professional and spiritual development. Ifelt privileged when experienced publishing profes-sionals took the time to talk to me about my dreams and expectations.

    I was challenged by the inspiring testimonies of editors and publishers who in the midst of acute economic and social crisis continue to find creative ways to change lives with books. Coming from a relatively small publisher, I was interested to know how larger publishers handle funda-mental issues such as team management, quality control and the implementation of a vision.

    God is good! One of the surprises God had in store for me was a very special group of friends. Of the two hundred participants only a handful spoke Spanish. Among them were a Mexican, a Kenyan and a Russian: three young people passionate about literature and proclaiming the good news through books. We walked together, prayed together and laughed together.

    At LittWorld I learned many things. I saw that difficult circumstances dont necessarily limit publishing activity.

    $2500enabled Ayeln Horwitz to join two hundred publishing professionals in November 2012 at LittWorld, the only global conference for Christian publishers.

    With your support, Certeza Argentina editor and project manager Ayeln Horwitz joined two hundred Christian publishing profes-sionals from fifty nations at LittWorld 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • written in everyday language and is inexpensive. While intended primarily for theological students and teachers, the commentaries are also suitable for pastors and lay people with an interest in theology.

    Indian scholarshipThird, in addition to acknowledging international Biblical expertise, the India Commentary refers to centuries of Indian Christian thought and will provide a comprehensive bibliography of Indian Biblical scholarship. Insights and reflections relating to culture, society and religious life will prove helpful to those involved in cross-cultural evangelism and mission. Western Christians responding to their increas-ingly pluralistic context will have something to learn from the experience of the Indian church.

    Thank you for your partnership in this project. Will you pray that these commentaries will enable Indian Christians to deepen their under-standing and application of Gods Word?

    George Korah is Managing Director of Primalogue Publishing and Media, Bangalore, India.

    I N D I A

    Whats so Indian about the India Commentary on the New Testament?Publisher George Korah explains.

    Contemporary scholars invariably feel the need to justify adding a new Bible commentary to an already crowded field. This is not a dilemma we have had to face. There is no other series of Bible commentaries that addresses the Indian context.

    India is the most diverse country in the world. We speak over 1600 languages and dialects and practise a dizzying array of religions. Intertwined ethnic and religious identities have coexisted for centuries and make our society complex.

    Christian missionary movements have frequently misun-derstood the undercurrents of caste and karma and over-looked the ways in which our culture resembles the culture in which Jesus lived and taught.

    ContextualThe unique contribution of the India Commentary on the New Testament is threefold. This is the first commentary series written to serve the Indian subcontinent. The ICNT aims to be exegetically sound and contextually relevant by giving a well-informed exposition of the original meaning of the Bible text and applying it to todays India. The authors of the series address challenges common to India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka such as caste, the treatment of widows and corruption as well as the philosophical ques-tions posed by the Hindu world view.

    AccessibleSecond, there is a need in India for Bible commentaries that are affordable and accessible. Although many Western commentaries are invaluable, they are written for a Western audience and are expensive. The ICNT is scholarly yet

    Primalogue Managing Director George Korah presents SPCKA National Director Michael Collie with a copy of First Corinthians, from the India Commentary on the New Testament series.

    $6000An SPCKA loan has made possible the publication of the first two titles in the India Commentary on the New Testament, First Corinthians and Timothy and Titus.

  • K E N Y A

    More books needed!When SPCKA Director Michael Collie spoke at our graduation ceremony in November last year he chal-lenged us to study the Bible and grow in godliness. Following his speech, pastors were quick to ask for application forms for our Bible training, and within a week we had fifteen enrolments.

    The Word of Life ministry was founded four years ago to train new believers to read and teach the Bible, and to use the written word to reach out to the lost, including our Muslim neighbours. Brother Collies visit was such an encouragement and helped build confidence in our ministry.

    I have just finished interviewing new students. Wenow have a record number of thirty enrolments but only ten sets of textbooks! We need another twenty sets before they can start studying.

    The financial needs of our ministry are many but the most pressing of all is the need of African Leadership study manuals so that we can begin our Bible training thisyear.

    Thank you for supporting our ministry.In His exciting servicePeter IbuiPrincipalWord of Life School of Theology

    $60will enable a pastor to begin training by providing a ten-volume African Leader-ship manual.

    C A M B O D I A

    Rewarding initiativeChurch leaders and pastors from rural Cambodia are able to pay ten percent of the cost of their personal theological library. Phnom Penh based publisher Fount of Wisdom is offering the book package at a discounted price. Will you affirm their initiative and enterprise by contributing the balance?

    As well as pastoral and evangelistic aids, the eight-book package includes a commentary on Ephesians, a Bridgeway Bible Commentary and a Bible handbook.

    Subsidising the purchase of these books will put vital resources into the hands of pastors investing in their own ministry. You will also support and stimulate a local Christian publisher endeavouring to provide much-needed Christian literature in Khmer. Fount of Wisdom works with both Cambodian and international authors to produce books for pastors, families, young people and children, and has so far published more than fifty titles.

    I would like to give thanks to the Lord for Fount of Wisdom and the donors who support us. This is a very special provision for a pastor like me, as I dont have a lot of money. I know that these books will help me to develop my knowledge of Gods Word. Klem Chan

    $38will subsidise the purchase of a $50, eight-volume book package by a pastor in rural Cambodia.

    For a pastor or leader in rural Cambodia five dollars is a significant investment. This is a strategic opportunity to make Christian books available where commitment is strong but support and resources are scarce.

    A pastor receives a ten-volume African Leadership training manual from Word of Life School of Theology Principal Peter Ibui.

  • Together we can advance Gods kingdom by empowering Christian writers, publishers and distributors. 1 You can provide theological texts and essential reference works to students and pastors where support and resources are scarce.

    $30 will provide a theological graduate or pastor with a copy of the Africa Bible Commentary.

    $38 will subsidise the purchase of a $50, eight-volume book package by a pastor in rural Cambodia.

    $60 will enable a pastor to begin training by providing a ten-volume African Leader ship manual. 2 You can nurture emerging publishers by directing funds, expertise and encour-

    agement where life-changing Christian writing is needed most.

    $2200 will enable the publica-tion in Kathmandu of Nepali translations of Preaching Mark and Preaching Philippians. 3 You can equip publishing profes-sionals by investing in the training and

    professional development of promising Christian writers, editors and designers.

    $4500 will sponsor the second in a series o