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Medical PhysicsHome and Abroad

OverviewWhat is Medical PhysicsWhat does a Medical Physicist do?Field in Medical Physics (table or organogram)Medical Physics in Jamaica (U.W.I.)How do I become a Medical Physicist? (flow chart)Laws, Regulations and Policies. (Our BIGGEST problem but good news)Organizations and AssociationsGood Companions to a Medical Physics BSc. What can you do with a Medical Physics BSc?Departmental Research

What is Medical Physics?Medical physicscan be generallydefinedas a field in which applied physicstechniques are used inmedicine. Traditionally,medical physicsdeals chiefly with the use of ionizing or non-ionizing radiation in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.Source - National Centre for Biotechnology Information (

What does a Medical Physicist do?Clinical Service and ConsultationRadiation treatment planningMeasurement of radiation doses in cancer therapyRadiation audits

Research and DevelopmentCancer and anatomical changes after treatmentEquipment (X-ray, CAT Scan, Spectroscopy, MRI, ECG, etc)Best practices

TeachRadiation education

Quality AssuranceOverseeing installations of radiation equipmentOverseeing radioactive materialsCalibration of equipment

How is the Medical Physicist different from a Radiographer?

UWI recently changed out the slow poke core.


Fields in Medical Physics

Medical Physics in Jamaica (U.W.I.)U.W.I. is the only institution in Jamaica that offers Medical PhysicsFocus on Medical Health PhysicsHeavy metal poisoningRadiation effect on humansRadiation in different materialsEnvironmental radiationBio-opticsBio-materialsBiomedical engineering (Mona School of Engineering)

How do I become a Medical Physicist?

Laws, Regulations and Policies.The major challenge to Medical Physicists in Jamaica is a lack of laws.Policies exist for radiation therapy but there are no Medical Physicists to see that they are enforced. There is no local regulatory body for radiation standards in Jamaica

In August the Government of Jamaica signed a bill that will require every institution that operates a piece of medical radiation equipment to have a Medical Physicist on staff to ensure protection of other staff and patients.

The possibility exist to obtain international certification via IAEATechnical training is also a possibility for those interested in quality assurance i.e. calibrating the machines.

Organisations and Associations

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)American Association of Physicist in Medicine (AAPM)European Federation of Organisation in Medical Physics (EFOMP)United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effect of Atomic Radiation

Good Companions to the Medical Physics BSc.ElectronicsAnatomyMaterial ScienceChemistryComputer SciencePhilosophy and Languages

What can you do with a Medical Physics BSc?Apply for a Medical Physics MScWork as:TeacherResearch AssistantMedical/Dental AssistantEmergency Medical TechnicianLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory TechnologistRadiation Consultant/Auditor

Departmental ResearchRadiation in placenta (PHd)Muon detection (PHd)Radiation in ground provisions (Undergraduate)Radiation in ground water (MSc)X-Ray Fluoroscopy (MSc)Bio-Optical diagnosis (Post-PHd)Biomechanics (Post-Phd)Phantoms and biomaterials (MSc)

Overseas ResearchX-Ray Efficiency ImprovementBiomaterialsIntegrated Imaging ModalitiesLasersBiomechanics (Artificial Hearts and limbs)

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