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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Medical PhysicsHome and Abroad</p> <p>OverviewWhat is Medical PhysicsWhat does a Medical Physicist do?Field in Medical Physics (table or organogram)Medical Physics in Jamaica (U.W.I.)How do I become a Medical Physicist? (flow chart)Laws, Regulations and Policies. (Our BIGGEST problem but good news)Organizations and AssociationsGood Companions to a Medical Physics BSc. What can you do with a Medical Physics BSc?Departmental Research</p> <p>What is Medical Physics?Medical physicscan be generallydefinedas a field in which applied physicstechniques are used inmedicine. Traditionally,medical physicsdeals chiefly with the use of ionizing or non-ionizing radiation in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.Source - National Centre for Biotechnology Information (</p> <p>What does a Medical Physicist do?Clinical Service and ConsultationRadiation treatment planningMeasurement of radiation doses in cancer therapyRadiation audits</p> <p>Research and DevelopmentCancer and anatomical changes after treatmentEquipment (X-ray, CAT Scan, Spectroscopy, MRI, ECG, etc)Best practices</p> <p>TeachRadiation education</p> <p>Quality AssuranceOverseeing installations of radiation equipmentOverseeing radioactive materialsCalibration of equipment</p> <p>How is the Medical Physicist different from a Radiographer?</p> <p>UWI recently changed out the slow poke core. </p> <p>4</p> <p>Fields in Medical Physics</p> <p>Medical Physics in Jamaica (U.W.I.)U.W.I. is the only institution in Jamaica that offers Medical PhysicsFocus on Medical Health PhysicsHeavy metal poisoningRadiation effect on humansRadiation in different materialsEnvironmental radiationBio-opticsBio-materialsBiomedical engineering (Mona School of Engineering)</p> <p>How do I become a Medical Physicist?</p> <p>Laws, Regulations and Policies.The major challenge to Medical Physicists in Jamaica is a lack of laws.Policies exist for radiation therapy but there are no Medical Physicists to see that they are enforced. There is no local regulatory body for radiation standards in Jamaica</p> <p>In August the Government of Jamaica signed a bill that will require every institution that operates a piece of medical radiation equipment to have a Medical Physicist on staff to ensure protection of other staff and patients. </p> <p>The possibility exist to obtain international certification via IAEATechnical training is also a possibility for those interested in quality assurance i.e. calibrating the machines. </p> <p>Organisations and Associations</p> <p>International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)American Association of Physicist in Medicine (AAPM)European Federation of Organisation in Medical Physics (EFOMP)United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effect of Atomic Radiation</p> <p>Good Companions to the Medical Physics BSc.ElectronicsAnatomyMaterial ScienceChemistryComputer SciencePhilosophy and Languages</p> <p>What can you do with a Medical Physics BSc?Apply for a Medical Physics MScWork as:TeacherResearch AssistantMedical/Dental AssistantEmergency Medical TechnicianLaboratory TechnicianLaboratory TechnologistRadiation Consultant/Auditor</p> <p>Departmental ResearchRadiation in placenta (PHd)Muon detection (PHd)Radiation in ground provisions (Undergraduate)Radiation in ground water (MSc)X-Ray Fluoroscopy (MSc)Bio-Optical diagnosis (Post-PHd)Biomechanics (Post-Phd)Phantoms and biomaterials (MSc)</p> <p>Overseas ResearchX-Ray Efficiency ImprovementBiomaterialsIntegrated Imaging ModalitiesLasersBiomechanics (Artificial Hearts and limbs)</p> <p>Hugh Herr at TED. Link:</p>