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  • 1. Marine Biology Angelfish
  • 2. French Angelfish French Angelfishs distinctive features include Black with bright yellow rims on scales. adult juvenile intermediate
  • 3. French Angelfish French Angelfish have round tails. The juveniles have a yellow border Which forms an oval like shape. These little fishies are usually Not afraid of divers. juvenile
  • 4. Queen Angelfish The Queen Angelfish has a dark blue spot on its forehead, with bright blue spots on it and circling around it, forming the crown atop the Queens head. They also have A yellow tail. adult juvenile
  • 5. Queen Angelfish The juveniles also Have a curved second Stripe which makes It easier to tell apart From the Blue Angelfish. juvenile
  • 6. Blue Angelfish They are somewhat shy. But once they take a step back They usually come back to get a Closer look. A distinctive feature of the Blue Angelfish is that the tail and pectoral fins are bordered in yellow. adult On the juvenile the middle blue bar is straight unlike the Queen Angelfish juvenile
  • 7. Gray Angelfish They also have square cut tails adult juvenile
  • 8. Gray Angelfish Their tails also have a white to transparent margin The inner face of the pectoral fin is yellow.
  • 9. Townsend Angelfish For example they may have the blue crown like the Queen but without the spots within it. They carry traits similar to both the Queen and Blue Angelfish. Queen and Blue Angelfishes occasionally interbreed creating the Townsend They also adult may have a half yellow tail. No juvenile photo available
  • 10. Rock Beauty adult The mid and rear of the body is black Juvenile As they get older the black spot grows larger and the blue ring disappears The really young Rock Beauties have a black spot ringed with a bright blue on the rear end of their body intermediate
  • 11. Rock Beauty The forebody and tail is a yellow to yellow- orange color