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1 2 The 2010 Fair Committee consisted of: Chairperson Tamie Langman (Human Resources), Clayton Allen (Public Works), Vikki Comarsh- White (Community Services), Darin Cushing (Property Management), Janice Dunbar-Smith (Community Services), Will Reed (Public Works) and Kay Rogers (Public Works). Michelle Atkinson, Ervin Shannon, Linda Means, Cindy Mozeleski, Sharon McClellan, Elissa Mirabelli, Lisa Hickey, and Bob Wyatt 8 5 BY TAMIE LANGMAN


  • ManateE-zineMarch 2010

    Manatee County booth wins first placeBY TAMIE LANGMAN The 2010 Fair Committee consisted of: Chairperson Tamie Langman (Human Resources), Clayton Allen (Public Works), Vikki Comarsh-White (Community Services), Darin Cushing (Property Management), Janice Dunbar-Smith (Community Services), Will Reed (Public Works) and Kay Rogers (Public Works).

    The booth exhibit was made to look like a bridge at Robinson Preserve with before and after pictures of the Parrish School House, Carriage House, Robinson Preserve, Emerson Point, and what the new Bennett Park will look like. By doing this, the Committee was able to show the general public not only the wonderful things that Manatee County has to offer, but also all of the enhancements that Manatee County Government has done to make these places even better for the publics enjoyment.

    As chairperson, I would like to thank all committee members for putting so much heart into this project. They truly exemplified a team spirit and really care about what we give our customers.

    I would also like to thank Property Managements 12th Street Crew for coming to the committees rescue and putting together the walls for our booth with extremely short notice. Thanks to Jane Souders in Financial Management for processing all of the Fair Committees paperwork and those Public Works crews who helped with many of the different projects.

    Last but not least, many thanks go to Kevin Leonard and Tom Schmitt , of Information Services. Tom put a lot of time and patience into figuring out how to take the pictures that I took and get them to print big enough for our 28-foot wall. He not only spent quite a bit of time doing that, but he also brought them over to the booth, got up on his ladder and hung the entire back wall. All of these thanks are a perfect example of what the true meaning of team really is!

    Janice Dunbar-Smith, Vikki Comarsh-White, Darin Cushing, Tamie Langman, Clayton Allen

    Michelle Atkinson, Ervin Shannon, Linda Means,Cindy Mozeleski, Sharon McClellan, Elissa Mirabelli, Lisa Hickey, and Bob Wyatt




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  • 2Go green at Florida-friendly Family FestivalManatee County Agriculture and Conservation Department invites all County employees and your families to the Florida-Friendly Family Festival on March 6, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Manatee County Fairgrounds, 1303 17th St. W., Palmetto.

    The fun-filled event will feature a variety of activities, eco-workshops and entertainment for kids of all ages. Several County Departments will showcase services related to sustainability.

    There will also be a wide array of interactive demon-strations, ideas, workshops, activities for children and exhibits to highlight the environment and to show ways that families can conserve in and around their homes. Admission is free. Free food will be served on a first come, first served basis. Local children will perform. Attendees can trade in old shower heads for new water conserving models.

    For more information, call Manatee County Extension Service (941) 722-4524 or visit online at

    Volunteer for 2010 DeSoto Heritage ParadeBY ALICE RIMERAs the chairperson for the DeSoto Heritage Festival parade float, Id like to invite everyone in the organization to participate in this years event. There are all sorts of opportunities to partici-pate - everything from designing the float, fundraising and collecting beads to actually walking in the parade. We need you! Our next meeting will be March 5 at noon in the Neighborhood Cafe (lunchroom), located on the 5th floor of the Administrative Building.

    Last year was our first float for Mana-tee County Board of County Commis-sioners. We had a great time decorat-ing and participating in all of the events. We are looking for fresh ideas and motivated volunteers. Please orga-nize your co-workers, friends and employees to participate in this fun event. This is strictly a volunteer event to be done on your own time, but meet-ing and networking with the commis-sioners face-to-face is priceless!


    The importance of shopping locally first!BY BRENDA ROGERSWhen we think about sustainability, the most common thoughts pertain to the environment, usually air or water quality. Many people do not think about the local business community as a contributor to the sustain-ability of their community. In tough economic times it is especially important to support local businesses for the goods and services you need or want.

    Think about it: If you buy a meal from a locally owned restaurant, your money stays in the community. The employees and the owner live in the community. They spend their wages on groceries and entertainment, to pay rent or mortgage payments, pay local taxes and give to local charities. If you buy the meal in a chain store you do contribute to the wage of local workers, but the profits are generally sent to the location of the business headquarters. Large companies do contrib-ute to charities but typically in the community they call home not in the community that the dollars are collected.

    Sometimes consumers do not have a local option for the goods or services they need. Frequently busi-nesses can meet your needs if they know what you are looking for. They want your business and will accommodate special requests whenever possible. Communication is key.

    Next time you consider whether to shop locally, remember the following points:

    Locally owned small businesses are the largest employer in any community.

    Local businesses support local charities which create local jobs and benefit local residents.

    Locally produced food is fresher and more nutritious.

    Local businesses pay local taxes which support the services and infrastructure of the

    community.Visit the Green Team


    What: Florida-Friendly Family

    FestivalWhen: Saturday,

    March 6 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    Where: Manatee County

    Fairgrounds, 1303 17th St. W.,

    PalmettoHow much:

    Its free!Why? To learn

    more about becoming an

    environmentally friendly family

  • 3This years Heritage Festival theme is A Parade of Lights Brings Manatee to Life. The parade will be Saturday, April 24. Come join in the fun and bring your lunch to our next meeting on March 5.

    For more information, contact Alice Rimer at 941 708 7450 x7247.

    Manatee County takes part in first FEMA Integrated Emergency Recovery CourseBY NICHOLAS AZZARAManatee County officials recently returned from a weeklong FEMA emergency response course commit-ted to improving a long-term disaster recovery plan that emergency response experts said was already better than that of most communities.

    During the last week in January, the group com-prised of enforcement personnel, elected officials and community leaders from nearly all corners of Manatee County -- was immersed in emergency response and recovery training at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Md. FEMA selected Manatee County to take part in its first Integrated Emergency Management Course for long-term recovery, which focused on the monumental challenges of rebuilding and strengthening the community in the aftermath of a Category 4 hurricane.

    Emergency management experts from across the country taught 21 hourlong units that covered a

    variety of topics, including community redevelopment, restoration of services,

    stress management, debris removal, housing solutions, and public

    health and safety. Instructors lauded the thoroughness of Manatee Countys emergency preparedness and response plans. You have a lot to be proud of,

    said John Chapman, an instructor and former City of

    Kissimmee fire chief. Youre way ahead of the curve.

    County Administrator Ed Hunzeker was pleased to hear the compliments, but

    reiterated the organizations commitment to a top-notch response and recovery plan.

    We have a lot of work to do, Hunzeker said. A lot of challenges face us as a group. We need to engage more people and continue the journey of building an exhaustive emergency response and recovery plan.

    Manatee County Emergency Management Chief Laurie Feagans vowed to continue the positive momentum from the course and is in the process of organizing an emergency management summit involving emergency responders, Manatee County department heads, municipalities and other commu-nity leaders to discuss local plans and where to improve them. She also plans to host a business summit with commerce leaders later this year.

    We were so fortunate to have such a unique opportu-nity to take part in this course, Feagans said. Every-one who attended learned a great deal of important information. Im not sure if were more thrilled about the turnout for the course or the enthusiasm everyone showed while we were there and once we returned.

    During this years annual hurricane preparedness exercise, Emergency Response officials plan to conduct a morning session dedicated to short-term recovery and an afternoon dedicated to long-term recovery.

    In addition to County and municipal officials, there were representatives from Manatee Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Council, local nonprofit agencies and faith-based groups, the U.S. Coast Guard, local hospitals, Manatee County School District and the Florida Division of Emergency Man-agement. FEMA will reimburse course attendees for travel and lodging costs for the week.

    During small group exercises, the class identified areas to improve Manatees Post Disaster Redevelop-ment Plan (PDRP), a comprehensive manual that maps out the plan