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<ul><li><p>EDUCATION HEC Launches</p><p>TESTING COUNCIL</p><p>March/April 2016</p><p>Higher Education Commission, Pakistan</p><p>Free Standardised Test for University AdmissionsFree Standardised Test for University Admissions</p><p>NA Body Lauds HEC's Holistic Approach </p><p>Towards Development of HE Sector </p><p>Maiden Meeting of National Technology </p><p>Council </p><p>HEC Forms Innovation Steering Committee </p><p>HEC Body Discusses Plagiarism Complaints </p><p>against Researchers HEC Chairman, Executive Director Awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz</p><p>P-5</p><p>P-16</p><p>P-14</p><p>P-6</p><p>P-3</p><p>NBEAC 3rd Deans and Directors Conference </p><p>P-13</p><p>P-2</p></li><li><p>Table of Contents</p><p>Publisher:</p><p>Higher EducationCommission, Pakistan</p><p>3NA Body Lauds HEC's </p><p>Holistic Approach </p><p>Towards </p><p>Development of HE </p><p>Sector</p><p>4</p><p>6</p><p>HEC Launches </p><p>Education Testing </p><p>Council</p><p>HEC Forms </p><p>Innovation Steering </p><p>Committee </p><p>2 HEC, Microsoft Organize National Final for Imagine Cup 2016</p><p>st1 Meeting of National Technology </p><p>Council held at HEC</p><p>Workshop on Secure Software </p><p>Development</p><p>President Turkish Council of Higher </p><p>Education Visits HEC</p><p>VCs of Belarusian Varsities Call on </p><p>Chairman HEC</p><p>HEC Eyes Joint Industrial-based Research </p><p>Projects with France</p><p>HEC, Huawei Sign DoU for Development </p><p>of Technology, R&amp;D Activities</p><p>HEC Chairman, Executive Director </p><p>Awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz</p><p>HEC Body Discusses Plagiarism </p><p>Complaints against Researchers </p><p>HEC, Pink Ribbon Award Winners of Breast </p><p>Cancer Awareness Programme</p><p>rdNBEAC 3 Deans and Directors </p><p>Conference </p><p>Afghan Envoy, Chairman HEC Discuss </p><p>Collaboration in Higher Education</p><p>Graphic Designer </p><p>Raja Ahmad Nadeem </p><p>Reporter </p><p>Waseem Khaliqdad </p><p>Editor</p><p>Aayesha Ikram</p><p>News &amp; Views is published after every two months. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form wi thout pr ior wr i t ten permission of the publisher. </p><p>The views expressed by authors in the articles is their sole responsibility and not of HEC. The Commission would like to thank all the institutions and ind iv idua l s who contr ibuted information and photographs for this Magazine.</p><p>Graphic Designer </p><p>Raja Ahmad Nadeem </p><p>Reporter </p><p>Waseem Khaliqdad </p><p>Editor</p><p>Aayesha Ikram</p><p>News &amp; Views is published after every two months. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form wi thout pr ior wr i t ten permission of the publisher. </p><p>The views expressed by authors in the articles is their sole responsibility and not of HEC. The Commission would like to thank all the institutions and ind iv idua l s who contr ibuted information and photographs for this Magazine.</p><p>5</p><p>7</p><p>8</p><p>9</p><p>10</p><p>12</p><p>13</p><p>14</p><p>15</p><p>16</p><p>17</p></li><li><p>The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has </p><p>announced the launching of countrys first </p><p>government testing body for education sector to </p><p>conduct free, standardized tests for university </p><p>admissions.</p><p>Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Planning, </p><p>Development and Reforms formally launched the </p><p>Education Testing Council (ETC) during a ceremony </p><p>held at HEC Secretariat. Engr. Baleegh-ur-Rehman, </p><p>State Minister for Federal Education and </p><p>Professional Training, Mr. </p><p>Amirullah Marwat, Chairman, </p><p>National Assembly Standing </p><p>Committee on Education, Dr. </p><p>Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman </p><p>HEC, representatives of KPK and </p><p>AJK governments and VCs of </p><p>different universities were also </p><p>present on the occasion.</p><p>Congratulating HEC on the </p><p>launch of ETC, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal </p><p>said that establishment of </p><p>Council is part of Governments efforts to achieve </p><p>targets of Vision 2025. He hoped that ETC will prove </p><p>to be a credible and transparent entity to adopt a </p><p>testing mechanism of international standard and will </p><p>have experts from both public and private sectors. </p><p>He said the Government is providing all possible </p><p>resources for the uplift of education in the country.</p><p>Free Standardised Test for University Admissions</p><p>HEC Launches Education Testing Council</p><p>Speaking at the occasion, Engr. Baleegh ur Rahman </p><p>also appreciated HEC for taking a much-needed </p><p>step for standardization of education in the country. </p><p>He described various programmes of his Ministry to </p><p>develop minimum standards for primary and </p><p>secondary education through consensus among all </p><p>regions of Pakistan.</p><p>Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, while elaborating the </p><p>objectives of launching ETC, said that the Council </p><p>will be a self-governed body, which will be </p><p>operational from Spring 2017. </p><p>He said that all public and </p><p>private universities of the </p><p>country will be required to </p><p>adopt ETC entry tests for </p><p>admissions. ETC will arrange a </p><p>standardized entry test for </p><p>university admissions, for which </p><p>the respective university will </p><p>determine weightage of the </p><p>test, he added.</p><p>The Chairman said that initially </p><p>tests will be conducted for undergraduate </p><p>admissions and subsequently for MS and PhD </p><p>admissions, and it will be valid for a period of two </p><p>years. He announced that Government will bear the </p><p>cost of this test, which will be held twice a year. The </p><p>test will be free for all students desirous of taking </p><p>admission in public and private universities.</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>thThe 14 meeting of the National Assembly Standing </p><p>Committee on Federal Education and Professional </p><p>Training was recently held at HEC Secretariat. </p><p>Dr. Amirullah Marwat, Chairman of the Standing </p><p>Committee, presided over the meeting that was </p><p>attended by Committee members, Mr. Baleegh-ur-</p><p>Rehman, Minister of State for Federal Education, Dr. </p><p>Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC as well as senior </p><p>management of the Commission.</p><p>Welcoming the Committee members to HEC, Dr. </p><p>Mukhtar Ahmed apprised them of the functions and </p><p>achievements of HEC since its inception in 2002. He </p><p>briefed the meeting about allocation of grants to </p><p>public and private sector universities during 2015-</p><p>16, proposed development projects of HEC in the </p><p>PSDP for financial year 2016-17, Prime Minister's </p><p>Fee Reimbursement Scheme for Less Developed </p><p>Areas, Overseas Scholarship Scheme for MS, MPhil </p><p>and PhD Programmes, and steps taken for </p><p>promotion of higher education in FATA.</p><p>The Chairman said that HEC releases no direct funds </p><p>to the private sector universities, however it helps </p><p>them if they fulfil HEC criteria, adding that both the </p><p>sectors are given equal opportunities for award of </p><p>scholarships and research grants. </p><p>He said HEC is actively taking steps to ensure access </p><p>of higher education at district level. He informed the </p><p>Committee about HECs recurring as well as </p><p>Chairman Briefs MPs on HEC Programmes</p><p>NA Body Lauds HEC's Holistic Approach Towards Development of Higher Education Sector</p><p>development grants for 2015-16, and elaborated </p><p>the development in universities across the country, </p><p>particularly during last three years. He said during </p><p>2015-16, Rs. 2000 million were allocated for </p><p>promotion of research, Rs. 3000 million for Tenure </p><p>Track System, Rs. 625 million for Pakistan Education </p><p>and Research Network, Rs. 935 million for Digital </p><p>Library, Rs. 650 million for Inter University Academic </p><p>Activities, Rs. 450 million for Technical Assistance for </p><p>Capacity Building, Rs. 598 million for different </p><p>university programmes, in addition to Rs. 42.2 </p><p>billion recurring grant for different universities, </p><p>including engineering, medical, and agriculture. </p><p>He said that HEC has formulated the PSDP 2016-17 </p><p>proposal keeping in view the anticipated allocation </p><p>of Rs. 25 billion for its ongoing and new initiatives in </p><p>line with Vision 2025 and Governments priorities </p><p>for socio-economic development of the country.</p><p>Terming HECs overseas scholarship scheme for MS/ </p><p>MPhil and PhD a flagship programme, Dr. Mukhtar </p><p>said that since its inception in 2002, the Commission </p><p>has initiated various HRD scholarship programmes </p><p>from undergraduate to PhD and post-doctorate </p><p>level for development of human resource in </p><p>different fields for socio-economic development of </p><p>Pakistan. Describing different programmes for </p><p>research, he also highlighted HECs zero-tolerance </p><p>policy towards plagiarism. He also briefed the </p><p>members about international collaborations for </p><p>promotion of higher education in the country. </p><p>3</p></li><li><p>Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed underscored the scope of </p><p>Aghaz Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package and said </p><p>that 600 scholarships including 200 overseas and </p><p>400 indigenous are being awarded to students from </p><p>all districts of Balochistan. </p><p>He said that HEC is taking stringent steps for </p><p>promotion of higher education in Federally </p><p>Administered Tribal Areas, including establishment </p><p>of a university. </p><p>Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Amirullah Marwat </p><p>recognized impor tance of var ious HEC </p><p>programmes and assured HEC of their complete </p><p>support. He also assured HEC of their support to </p><p>take action against illegal campuses of universities </p><p>so that future of students could be safeguarded. He </p><p>directed the HEC for releasing parent/student alerts </p><p>after every three months to inform the masses </p><p>about illegal universities, their campuses and </p><p>programmes. </p><p>The National Final for Imagine Cup 2016 was </p><p>organized by the Higher Education Commission </p><p>(HEC) and Microsoft at the Commission Secretariat. </p><p>Dr. Arshad Ali, Executive Director HEC was chief </p><p>guest on the occasion. Mr. Nadeem A. Malik, </p><p>Country Head, Microsoft Pakistan and Mr. Anwar </p><p>Amjad, Director General (IT) HEC were also present.</p><p>Imagine Cup is a global student technology </p><p>programme and competition that provides </p><p>opportunities for students across all disciplines to </p><p>team up and use their creativity, passion and </p><p>knowledge of technology to create applications, </p><p>games and integrate solutions that can change the </p><p>way we live, work and play. This year there were over </p><p>100 projects from universities across the country. A </p><p>total of 187 students participated in various kinds of </p><p>projects that have been broadly placed in Gaming, </p><p>Innovation and World Citizenship catagories. </p><p>The contest in Innovation was clinched by team from </p><p>Comsats Institute of Information Technology, </p><p>Sahiwal comprising Ms. Nida Karim, Mr. Sohaib </p><p>Hanif and Mr. Umairullah. </p><p>The team from National University of Computer and </p><p>Emerging Sciences (FAST), Faisalabad including Mr. </p><p>Roger Nazir and Mr. Usman Khan topped the World </p><p>Citizenship category, while Mr. Kasra Zunnayyer </p><p>from University of Karachi won the Gaming </p><p>competition. The winner teams will participate in </p><p>world semi-finals to be held online. </p><p>HEC, Microsoft Organize National Final for Imagine Cup 2016</p><p>Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Arshad Ali, Executive </p><p>Director, HEC stressed the need for increase in the </p><p>number of projects developed in various parts of the </p><p>country. He emphasized that both Microsoft and </p><p>HEC should set targets while evolving ideas followed </p><p>by a strong strategy for effective materialization of </p><p>their ideas. Recalling the Imagine Cup final 2008-09 </p><p>in Egypt in which he participated as a judge, he said </p><p>the activity is developing spirit of competition </p><p>among the youth. </p><p>The Country Head Microsoft lauded HECs support </p><p>for Microsoft and its commitment to promote </p><p>literacy of technology among the youth. </p><p>Out of the 100+ projects this year, 17 projects were </p><p>received from the South Region, including a project </p><p>from Quetta, and the students were invited to </p><p>present their solutions at Microsoft Innovation </p><p>Center, Karachi. Similarly, 56 projects were judged at </p><p>Microsoft Innovation Center Lahore, and 27 projects </p><p>were judged at Microsoft Islamabad.</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>The maiden meeting of the National Technology </p><p>Council (NTC), an accreditation council established </p><p>by Higher Education Commission (HEC) to monitor </p><p>and accredit technology related degree </p><p>programmes, was held at HEC Secretariat. </p><p>Prof. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC, </p><p>inaugurated the meeting held under the aegis of </p><p>Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), HEC.</p><p>Maj. Gen. Akbar Saeed Awan (Retd.) and Dr. Kausar </p><p>Malik have taken charge as Chairman and Vice </p><p>Chairman of the Council. NTC shall be responsible </p><p>for accreditation of educational programmes </p><p>leading to degrees in Technology disciplines.</p><p>NTC shall take into consideration different aspects </p><p>for accreditation of degree programmes in </p><p>technology related subjects, including overall </p><p>structure and scope of the programme, curricula, </p><p>requisite infrastructure, faculty, level of compatibility </p><p>with international standards and trends, level of skill </p><p>development by the programme, level of </p><p>integration of science and technology, student </p><p>support, laboratory facilities, facilities for student </p><p>activities and other amenities, financial assistance, </p><p>level of job placement of graduates, etc. </p><p>Different programmes whose accreditation will </p><p>come under NTC's purview include, though not </p><p>limited to, B-Tech Honors, BSc/BS Technology, </p><p>Animal Production and Technology, Biotechnology, </p><p>Medical Laboratory Technology, Emergency and </p><p>Intensive Care Technology, Medical Imaging </p><p>st1 Meeting of National Technology </p><p>Council held at HEC</p><p>Technology, Dental Technology, Operation Theatre </p><p>Technology, Mortuary Technology, Food Sciences </p><p>and Technology, Nanotechnology and Information </p><p>Technology.</p><p>While inaugurating the meeting, Dr. Mukhtar </p><p>Ahmed hoped that establishment of National </p><p>Technology Council will be of great help in </p><p>streamlining all the technology-related education. </p><p>The Chairman HEC said that the Commission will </p><p>provide all possible support for smooth functioning </p><p>of the Council. He appreciated Maj. Gen. Akbar </p><p>Saeed Awan (Retd.) for accepting the challenge to </p><p>lead the Council and bring much-needed reforms </p><p>and restructuring of the technology. He also </p><p>appreciated other Council Members for their </p><p>interest and participation.</p><p>NTC has representation from HEC, Ministry of </p><p>Science and Technology, Ministry of Information </p><p>Technology and Telecommunication, Ministry of </p><p>Federal Education and Professional Training, </p><p>Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and </p><p>Coordination, Ministry of Industries and Production, </p><p>Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination, Ministry of </p><p>National Food Security and Research, PEC, PMDC, </p><p>National Agriculture Education Accreditation </p><p>Council, National Computing Education and </p><p>Accreditation Council, National Vocational and </p><p>Technical Training Commission, Vice Chancellors of </p><p>public and private sector universities offering </p><p>technology programmes, one from each province </p><p>including Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan </p><p>and Federal Area.</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>The has </p><p>established an Innovation Steering Committee to </p><p>f u r t h e r s t r e n g t h e n i n n o v a t i o n a n d </p><p>entrepreneurship activities in Pakistani universities </p><p>that will ultimately help creating job opportunities </p><p>and improving country's economy. </p><p>Though some institutions and individuals have </p><p>performed very well in the recent years, yet there is </p><p>dire need to encourage maximum number of </p><p>faculty members, researchers and students to </p><p>embrace innovative and entrepreneurial </p><p>endeavours. This was decided in a meeting held at </p><p>HEC Secretariat in Islamabad chaired by Dr. Arshad </p><p>Ali, Executive Director HEC. </p><p>The session was attended by a number of industry </p><p>representatives, entrepreneurs and HEC team </p><p>including Dr. Muhammad Latif, Adviser (R&amp;D) HEC, </p><p>Mr. Imtiaz Rastgar, Chairman, Rastgar Group, Mr. </p><p>Muhammad Murtaza Zaidi, CEO Cyber vision </p><p>International, Syed Ahmed, CEO...</p></li></ul>