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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Quantifying landscape change in an arctic coastal lowland using repeat airborne LiDARPresented by Rafael Orozcoby Jones et al., 2013TEAMProject 5 Mapping Badlands TopographyStudy Area</p> <p>Beaufort Sea CoastLiDAR data covering 100 km2 (2006 &amp; 2010)2-4 km inland coverage1st vertical dataset (coastal permafrost)2TEAMProject 5 Mapping Badlands TopographyData ControlGravel pads act as thermal buffers for underlying permafrostElevation change of 0.1m</p> <p>Badami Oil Field</p> <p>3TEAMProject 5 Mapping Badlands TopographyCoastal ErosionReduced sea ice coverEarlier seasonal thawLater winter freeze-up</p> <p>Measuring Change</p> <p>0.55m vertical resolution&gt;10m2 horizontal (5 pixels)</p> <p>Causes</p> <p>4TEAMProject 5 Mapping Badlands TopographyErosional Features</p> <p>Total change of 0.3% area 1718 objects identified13 common categoriesCoastal bluff erosion and beach/spit erosion account for 83% of observed vertical change.</p> <p>Thermoerosional gulliesThermokarst pondsSpit and beach depositsCut bank development</p> <p>5TEAMProject 5 Mapping Badlands TopographyHistorical Temp &amp; Thawing Degree Days</p> <p>Overall increases in: Mean annual air temp.Thawing degree days (TDD)Mean annual ground temp.</p> <p>6TEAMProject 5 Mapping Badlands TopographyReferences</p> <p>7</p>