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    Why LiDAR?

    Light Detection and Ranging

    Perspective view of color-coded LiDAR elevation model and intensity

    image of an oil refinery

    LiDAR allows us to cost-effectively create detailed topographic maps for large areas

    LiDAR technology offers one of the most accurate, expedient and cost-effective ways to capture elevation information. Since it relies on an active laser pulse, it can be used day or night. LiDAR sensors can detect multiple returns for each pulse, which properly classified, can be used to distinguish vegetation, power lines, buildings, and the bare earth surface. LiDAR sensors can also record the strength of the returning pulse, and these values can be used to generate a LiDAR intensity image which provides additional visual information about the mapped area.

    LiDAR data is directly processed by AeroMetric to produce detailed surface and bare earth models in a variety of formats, contours, land cover classifications, intensity images, and point clouds. Derived products can include DEMs, DTMs, DSMs, topographic maps, slope/aspect depictions, 3D topographic images, 3D visualizations and planimetric detail.

    The Power of IntegrationLiDAR can be used as a stand-alone solution, or powerfully complemented by other mapping technologies. AeroMetric seamlessly integrates LiDAR data with other data sets, including orthophotos, multispectral, hyperspectral and panchromatic imagery. We can combine LiDAR with GIS data and other survey information to generate complex geomorphic-structure mapping products, advanced 3D models/earthwork profiles, renderings of structures, and many additional high value mapping products.

    CapabilitiesAs a pioneer in the use of airborne LiDAR sensors, AeroMetric has extensive experience in LiDAR surveys from fixed wing, rotary wing, and mobile mapping platforms. With nationwide coverage and five production locations we can take on any mapping project anywhere in the country.

    AeroMetric is staffed by some of the most seasoned experts in the profession. Our team has successfully collected and processed LiDAR data in some of the most difficult and remote terrain in North America. Our LiDAR professionals have extensive experience with all facets of LiDAR including project planning and design, acquisition, survey, data processing, and multi-sensor integration.

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    Rivers and FloodplainsLiDAR is an effective tool to support flood hazard assessment per FEMA standards, mitigation planning, and stream restoration design. Maintaining an adequate river flow is critical for rivers flowing towards dams as the issue of sediment becomes a concern. The density of LiDARs data can help refine the collection of sediment profiles and also derive cross-sections at any desired interval along the exposed banks.

    Transmission LinesWe utilize LiDAR to create digital elevation data along high voltage power line corridors for planning and for the support of right-of-way permitting. Corridor profiles and cross sections are readily obtained with this technology. AeroMetric can also provide low altitude catenary profiles and line hardware with deliverables that include PLS-CADD format.

    Corridor MappingHigh Accuracy Mapping using LiDAR can be used to capture low altitude detailstypically 500 -1,000 feet above the corridor. When new power line, pipeline or transportation corridors are being established we can vary our output to show different layersfirst return data showing vegetation and the last return data set showing bare earth.

    3D City ModelingIncreased development of city centers has made their mapping particularly challenging. LiDAR allows us to create detailed 3D city models that accurately depict urban infrastructure which can be incorporated in GIS modeling and analysis. Applications include solar mapping, line-of-sight evaluations, and disaster response analysis for local communities.

    Coastal MappingThere are multiple LiDAR applications for coastlines serving Federal, State, local government and Tribal Nations. For example, we have prepared topographic maps to study estuaries, assist with jetty condition monitoring, and to assist with coastal erosion control evaluations.

    Forested and Highly Vegetated TerrainLiDAR can penetrate the shadows and spaces between certain tree and vegetative species offering more accurate mapping when the bare earth is obscured. In forest lands we have supported forest fuel load, controlled burn and canopy thinning studies. LiDAR data can also be used for environmental assessments, often in combination with multispectral studies

    MiningLiDAR can be productively utilized throughout the life cycle of a mine, from exploration and feasibility studies, to ore extraction, closure activities and landscape restoration.During production monitoring LiDAR can be used to capture stockpile, waste rock and tailing volumes, and accurately contour the shadowed slopes of steep pit walls.

    Transportation MappingTransportation corridors, realignments, road widening, and intersection and ramp improvements can be cost-effectively and safely mapped using LiDAR technology. In each case we select the appropriate platform, including fixed wing, rotor craft, and ground mobile mapping to ensure the deliverables meet our clients needs. AeroMetric also has extensive experience supporting rail, light rail and tramway projects.


    Aero-Metric, Inc., (AeroMetric) is a full-service geospatial solutions company built on over eight decades of consistent, quality service and enduring client relationships. The firm offers a comprehensive range of on-target geospatial solutions including the latest in photogrammetric, LiDAR, satellite and airborne imaging technology, and has earned a reputation for technical excellence, superior service, and on-time, on-budget delivery.