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Legal Issues: Depositions. Mary Penny Thompson DENR General Counsel. Case Timeline (with no extensions). From Petition to Hearing5 months From Hearing to FAD10 months Appeals process Years. Types of Depositions. 1.Individual 2.Agency. Subpoenas. Who Issues One? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Legal Issues: DepositionsMary Penny ThompsonDENR General Counsel

  • Case Timeline(with no extensions)From Petition to Hearing5 monthsFrom Hearing to FAD10 monthsAppeals process Years

  • Types of Depositions



  • SubpoenasWho Issues One?What Does It Require?When Does It Arrive?Where Is It Served?Why me?

    Bonus: Who do you call?Double Bonus: How can I negotiate?

  • PreparationMaterialsAttorneyOpposing CounselJudgeObjectionsTop Ten Tips

  • Top Ten Tips1. Truth = Knowledge

  • 2. Stop, Listen and ThinkTop Ten Tips

  • 3. Look at DocumentsTop Ten Tips

  • 4. Clarify the Context of ConversationsTop Ten Tips

  • Top Ten Tips5. Summarize First

  • Top Ten Tips6. Never Characterize Your Testimony

  • Top Ten Tips7. Be Cool

  • Top Ten Tips8. Stick to Your AnswerAs I said before...

  • Top Ten Tips9. Beware the After Lunch or Late Afternoon Let Down

  • Top Ten Tips10. Do Not Expect to Testify Without the Other Side Scoring Points

  • Top Ten TipsTruth = KnowledgeStop, Listen and ThinkLook at DocumentsClarify the Context of ConversationsSummarize FirstNever Characterize Your TestimonyBe CoolStick to Your AnswerBeware the After Lunch or Late Afternoon Let DownDo Not Expect to Testify Without the Other Side Scoring Points

  • Post Mortem CorrectionRedirectTranscript ReviewOther TestimonyAffidavit

  • Mary Penny Thompson

    DENR General Counsel(919) 715-0691