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Start:Legal Issues

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1. The "Who Gets What?" Conflict

2. The "I Work Harder Than You!" Conflict

3. The "Who Gets To Decide?" Conflict

4. The "I Can't Stand Jill, One Of Us Has To Leave!" Conflict

5. The "We're Going Down In Burning Flames" Conflict



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top-tier lawyer


?About us

Our Clients

We have clients in Ukraine and in other countries of the world, including Georgia, Russia, USA, France, Switzerland, Denmark, The Netherlands. We provide legal services to companies from the Ukraines IT Top 5 as well as to a myriad of smaller companies. Below are some of our clients:Juscutum definitely has their own way of doing things. You basically never have to ask for non-standard solutions.

Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic

Transactions Track RecordJuscutum transactions team supported founders, startup incubators and accelerators, individual investors and venture funds in their rare transactions on the young Ukrainian technology market:

RecognitionStarting from 2013 Juscutum and some our individuals is in Top 5 law firms in: Information technology and telecommunications,Intellectual Property andMedia law.

These guys are proactive across numerous high-profile legislative initiatives, and as far as I know their main source of selling legal services is a very good network of satisfied clients

Olga Usenko, the Ukrainian Journal of Business Law, Chief Editor

Member of WITL

World IT Lawyers is an established global alliance of member firms that share a common aspiration to provide the best service to clients throughout the world, in the full spectrum of IT law.

Through recommending expert lawyers with strong international connections we are able to provide an array of services that one firm alone may not have the capacity to do. Juscutum is our newest member. They are experienced in technology and telecommunications industries and provide high standards of legal serviceLouise de Gier, WITL

Our offices

Although our headquarter is situated in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, we also operate in all biggest centers of software development: we have a branch in Lviv and a network of partners (best friends) in Kharkiv and Odessa.