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"Learning Circles" How to keep our environment from natural disasters? Home Response Findings Class Data gathering Questions 1) Does your country have any natural disaster such as earthquake,flood? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • "Learning Circles" How to keep our environment from natural disasters?Home Response Findings Class

    Data gathering Questions

    1) Does your country have any natural disaster such as earthquake,flood?(2) If so, When and where did the natural disaster happen? Howlong did it take inyour country ?(3 ) Do you know the way of preventing the natural disaster?

    PP5 Daw Myint Myint Wai , Language Teacher and Grade 8 students

    No.3, Basic Education High School, Bago, Union of Myanmar

  • "Learning CirclesNatural disasters Home Response Findings Class

    " About Our Class ".

    PP5, Daw Myint Myint Wai, Language Teacher and Grade 7 students

    There are about fifty students in our class. As we have two computer application rooms, students can do emailing and use the INTERNET. Our students enjoy joining the learning circles.

    No (3) Basic Education High School,BagoUnion of Myanmar


  • Response from my class"i)Puteri Isyatur1. Malaysia is divided into two the Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. As for Peninsular of Malaysia we have the west coast and the east coast. From the month of November and December the west coast is faced with flood due to the North-West wind. It takes weeks for the water to be subsided.So the people are transfered to a higher and safer places. It's quite impossible to stop this natural disaster but the governmnet is deepening the rivers. ii) Hello, there!Our class in Bogor (Me and the students of grade tenth Senior High School 1 Bogor, Indonesia) has planned to ask you the following questions (we hope by having the answers of these question we can overcome our problem in our own place) :1. In my city (Bogor), garbage seems to be very classical problem. It's not easy to arouse people's awareness to throw garbage in the right place. The consequency from this condition is, we have flood everytime rainy season comes because garbage covers up rivers, and water channels around the city. How to anticipate/to solve the problem of garbage so we can make our city clean and free from flood?2. My city is also famous as traffic jam city, because too many cars and too many public transportation in here. How to solve this problem, we mean, how is your government anticipate this problem if you have the same problem with us?

  • 3. The number of forest area in our country is getting more and more decreased, because many people in rural area cut down the trees for their shelter, and the risk is, again, natural disasters such as flood and forestfire often happen in Indonesia. How to overcome this problem? Is there ways/steps that your goverment takes to protect the forest and its inhabitant/living things in yourarea from being extinct?4. Again, in Indonesia has a new disaster. Some people in different places of Indonesia (especially children) are suffering from starvation/bad nutricy. The problem happens because some parents are jobless/out of job and lazy to bring their kids to be checked their nutrients need. Is there any advices or solution for parents in Indonesia and for the government as well how to overcome the problem?That's all the questions from us, we apologize if they are too complicated to be answered and do not have anything to do with your matter (especially no.3 and 4), but we'll appreciate you very much if you can help us answer all those questions. Thanks a lot.

  • Patcharin Somboonsook's responseHOW TO KEEP OUR ENVIRONMENT FROM NATURAL DISASTERIn your questions no.1 and 2, we are very lucky here in Thailand because not all are experiencing natural disasters. Only some provinces experience earthquake, flood and tsunami. The Tsunami tragedy happened last year (December 26, 2004) in Phuket on which thousands of people died and millions of infrastructures were damage. But our government and Thai citizens work hand in hand to solve the needs of the victims. So far there are no records for earthquake damage and for floods, due to constant heavy rains it floods along the roads because of the garbages thrown everywhere. For your last question, I think the best way to prevent these circumstances, we have to educate people in throwing their garbage properly and stop illegal cutting of trees. I encourage the government to make laws regarding reforestation, total log ban and by putting more bins everywhere. There must be monitoring officials to see if all these were implementedproperly________________________________________

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    "Findings of PP 5"

    Every country has natural disasters. We can avoid from the disasters by noticing the weather report and taking care of reminding signs