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What are Google+ circles, why should you care, and how to use them


<ul><li>1.Google+ Circles Brought to you by Bill Davis</li></ul> <p>2. Its All About the Circles What are circles? Why should I care? How do I use them? 3. What Are Google+ Circles Google+ circles are a way of grouping together people based on their relationship to you and to one another. You share what you want with who you 4. Why Should I Care About Circles? You can share your posts with who you want. You can segment your broader audience. You can send private messages. You demonstrate your authority (more people in your circles means more influence you potentially have). 5. How to Use Google+ Circles Friends Family Co-workers or peers Specialized circles Public shared circles (quick way to get lots of people following you) DEMO 6. How to Reach Bill Davis Internet Marketing Muscle http://internet-marketing-muscle.comGoogle+ </p>


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