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Our Modest ProposalBy: Jacob, David, Matty, Josh, Phin, Miles, Cole, and Lucas

Reason #1Its potentially our last winter break all together, forever. Next year we will all be at our respective colleges, where we will all have different school breaks

Reason #2We are fully aware that we did not do a good job of cleaning up after ourselves last time up. We are very sorry by the wayWe are leaving to college in less than a year and we need to learn how to take care of ourselves and become more responsible. This would be great training.

Reason #3We are all spending a lot of money on Buzz as you guys already know. Most of our parents wont spend money for hotel rooms for us in Mammoth.Arrowhead would be the only way we would be able to go snowboarding.

Reason #4To be honest, if we dont go to Arrowhead, we will most likely be going to parties and doing stupid stuff.Instead of us getting drunk at some Persians house, wouldnt you rather us partake in physical activities such as basketball, snowboarding, skiing, Ping-Pong, poker, scrabble, and freeze tag?

Reason #5We will be second semester seniors! We have worked so hard the past couple of years, and now that we are getting into colleges and school is slowing down, we really feel as if this would be an awesome reward for our hard work.

Reason #6The last time we went up, we werent mature enough to understand what it means to be polite guests.We have matured over the past year.Lake Arrowhead was an awesome experience. Something we will tell our kids about when we get older. We would really really really appreciate it if you could let us go. Its our last year all together, and we want to make more memories that will last a lifetime!


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