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CONTETS: 1- Part one:A- About Koresteel. B- Koresteel Quality Policy. C- Koresteel Organization Chart. D- Koresteel Objectives. A- Quality& Experience Certificates.

2- Part two:

3- Part Three: A- Products Chart and Samples.B- Mud Logging Unit. C- MWD Unit.

1- Part One:A- About koresteel:-

- KORESTEEL is a steel structure Company established in 1987 and was known as "GEMCO" then the name changed to "KORESTEEL" in 2003 concerning most of the steel structure branches of construction market. - Steel structure and supply services represented by KORESTEEL. - KORESTEEL is a multi-disciplined organization which is proud to hold the experience of 22 years of hard, smart work concerning steel construction fields, and the experience of highly good educated partners who are behind the success of the firm, ready to take those challenges; sensitive to the growing needs of Egypt's expanding domestic market; in the field of steel construction engineering.

KoreSteel for steel structure was first established in 1987 under the name of Gemco for Metal Works. In 2003 the name had changed to the present one and the structure of the company had been modified by changing partners to increase the capital, equipments and tools to satisfy the new requirements of the market which will be available only for the powerful organizations.

KoreSteel for Metal Works and Turning was established in 2003 within a COMPANY of mechanical engineering, and it provides innovative, creativity, simple, designs meeting the needs of the customers in Egypt market.

Koresteel lately is specialized in petroleum fields where we build Mud logging unit, Measurements units (MWD), Control rooms, ROV units and Baskets, Residential caravans (Living, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Refrigerators), Water tanks, Tools Baskets and Racks, Store cabinets. We have been in this field for a long time ago working with several brand names such as ( BAKER HUGHES"INTEQ, OIL TOOLS, CHRISTENSEN", HALLIBURTON, INTERNATIONAL LOGGING "EX-DATALOG", WEATHERFORD, BORETS WEATHERFORD, SCHLUMBERGER, SHENGLI BOHAI DRILLING COMPANY, TARGET OIL FIELD SERVICES, COMPASS EGYPT, SAHARA PETROULEM SERVICE"SAPESCO"). Also steel constructions such as Hangers, Doors, Windows, Decorating steel is also a branch of our interests where we build Villas (balconygates-handrails) and domestic furniture. Manufacturing of formwork and all sorts of metallic scaffolding.

B- Koresteel Quality Policy:-

- KORESTEEL policy is to provide the CUSTOMERS with products and Servicesof high quality and value to satisfy their requirements and get customer satisfaction to guarantee their loyalty to the company services.

KORESTEEL objective is to attain a position of leadership in the Design and production of caravan and filed units Market by through: Sustaining a strong spirit of teamwork through mutual commitment, dedication and loyalty within the employee family.

Achieving a consistent long-term financial growth to support a continual quality improvement for the sake of CUSTOMER benefit. In order to achieve this policy, the management of the company is committed to: Implement and maintain a quality management system, Provide necessary people and resources, Maintain appropriate organization. meet regulatory requirements All the KORESTEEL employees are responsible for implementing and maintaining this policy.

C- Koresteel organization Chart:Chairman

General Manager

Executive Manager Financial Manager

Purchasing Dept.

Warehousing Dept. Warehousing Manager

Sales& Marketing Manager


Sales& Marketing Financial Dept. Warehousing Assists ..

Warehousing Assist.


Finance Assist. Technical Dept. Finance Assist. Technical Eng.

Production Dept.

Quality Dept.

Project Manager Quality Eng.

Site Tech.

Site Tech. Quality Assist.

D- Koresteel Objectives:SN A 1 2 3 4 B Objective Short Term Objectives (2009/2010) : To Implement certified ISO 9001:2008 quality Management System. Train minimum 20 % of employees. Increase revenue by 15% by the end of 2010. Establishing& Implementing for the DNV certificate of products. Long term objectives (2010/2013): Making enlargements within the range of the next three years includes: 1 - Constructional, - Managerial, -Productive. Opening new activity of exporting our products to different international 2 Markets. 3 Increase our market locally by dealing with new customers. Date

Part TwoB- Quality& Experience Certificates:-

Experience Certificates:-

Experience Certificates:-

Experience Certificates:-

Experience Certificates:-

Experience Certificates:-

To Whom It May Concern

KORESTEEL for metal works and turning (EX- GEMCO) have been working for Target Oilfield Services for more than 4 years up till now.This is to certify that During this period they are handling most if not all our construction projects and metal works. These projects included the construction of Wire line units, Tools Box for onshore and offshore operations skid mounted for loading and off loading. During this period that we have worked with

KORESTEEL we have found their work and

products to be a good quality that met our international specifications for both safety & quality. Furthermore, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend KORSTEEL for any other firm because of their quality work and punctuality.

Amr Youssef General Manager, Target Oilfield Services - Free zone

Part Three:A- Products Chart:Products & Services

Mud Logging Mess Room MWD Kitchen




Meeting Room Coring Container Bathroom

ROV Container


Tools Racks& Baskets


Power Pack Unit

Motors Chassis


Decoration Steel

-Products Samples:1- Mud Logging

2- ROV container

3- MWD unit

4- Tool Basket

5- Wire Line

6- caravans

7- Coring Container

8- drums

9- Hangers

10- Motor Chassis

11- Power Pack unit

11- Guillotine

12- Mud tanks racks

13- Ferforge works

-Example:A- Mud Logging Unit Manual.

- Contents: A-Unit Specification:- Construction of 1 no Steel Mud Logging Unit is based on specifications Of cabin and general layout requirement of the interior furniture as stated below: 1) Steel Mud Logging Unit A-Size: 7300mm (L) x 2650mm (W) x 2780mm (H) Grade of Steel A37, SS400 to be used for fabrication.

B- 260mm (U) beams for main frame base.

UBN 260 mm

C- 100mm (U) beams for frame with 100x100mm square tubes.

UBN 100*100

D- 3mm corrugated steel plates for the external cladding.

Corr. sheets

E- 6mm flat plates for the roof with 50x50mm square tubes containing rock wool in between.

Rock Wool

F- Internally for roof 80x80mm and 50x50mm square tubes containing rock wool in between.

SHS 80*80 SHS 50*50

G- Double layer plates for the flooring, 4mm thick for the bottom layer and 6mm thick plate for the top layer and finished with 2mm PVC floor sheet

H- Top four corners 30mm thick lifting pad eyes

30mm Thick. Pad eye

2) To open 02 no. 2 tier air-conditioner explosion proof (recess type), all Mounting bracket and steel grilling and blower units complete with louvers Mounted above equipment rack.

Air Condition

Exhaust Fans

3) To open 03 nos. MCT RGS 4 and 6 frames.

4) To supply and install 01 nos. (01 no x 19, 01 no. x 25) 42 U equipment rack.

Equipment Rack

5) To open 01 oven outlet vent. 6) To open 01 main door, supply and install main door, door come with Heavy-duty push rod lockset, stainless steel handle and kick plate at bottom of Door acc. To BS EN 12079-1: 2006 (E), (5.4.2 and Annex A).

7) To open 01 no. escape hatch, supply and install rated escape hatch acc. To BS EN 12079-1: 2006 (E), (5.4.2 and Annex A).

8) To open 01 no. window, supply and install rated window with protective Steel grilling.

A60 Window

9) To construct a steel air-lock compartment with air-lock door with viewing glass.

10) To supply and install 06 nos. of folding steps on the exterior of the unit. 11) Unit to be insulated with 2" thick 50kg/cm3 density rock wool for the internal Cladding and insulation for ceiling & finished with 0.9mm thick E.G. sheet. 12) Furniture: As per your requirement, supply and install an L-shaped stainless Steel top with single bowl sink, complete with plumbing system. Aluminum Louver for utility door and printer cabinet. All furniture is to be laminated With Formica and finished with aluminum trimmings.

Upper Cupboards

MDF 30mm Epoxy Benches

Backroom Space

Drawers Unit

Printers, LCD, Equipments space

Vinyl Floor Layer

13) To supply and lay studded rubber floor mat on Vinyl Floor.

14) Electrical: Adequate supply of fluorescent lights, switches, and sockets. To supply labor for installing shutdown control panel, final termination on the control Panel. Light fittings: - 05 nos. of 2 x 36w 60Hz light fitting with diffuser - 04 no. of 2 x 18w with diffuser; - 1 no. oval shape ex-proof bulkhead light fitting for the airlock; - 8 nos. 2 gang 110V 15A power sockets - 24 nos. 2 gang 220V 13A power sockets - 1 no. 8" exhaust fan at equipment rack.

220V. 110V. Sockets

Display Sockets Network Sockets

Office Fridge

Fire Extingushier

15) Supply and installation of transformer:Capacity: 20KVA 2 phase Primary: 220V, 380V, 440V, and 480V

Secondary: 110V, 220V