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1. VOL.5.0 ENG. IT CONVERGED LIGHTING ROADWAY LIGHTING LANDSCAPE LIGHTING BAY LIGHTING FLOOD LIGHTING SPORTS LIGHTING COMMERCIAL LIGHTING LED Lighting GigaTera 2014 2. Contents Overview Products Appendix 04 36 38 42 06 10 21 22 24 26 31 32 34 28 08 Greetings Ordering Information GigaTera ecology Service System(GeSS) Products Line-Up IT Converged LED Lighting LED Bay Lighting LED Flood Lighting LED Commercial Lighting History Technology SPES BELA KARA STAND LN IBL I-TUBE SEGA NANA TM MAHA WAPA SUFA SORA SPES 2 VERONA 20 LED Landscape Lighting EAGLE BUTTERFLY SEAGULL 12 14 16 18 LED Roadway Lighting ASL HERA META SERA VEGA SETA GALAXY Vertical Integration Facilities 30 3. LED LIGHTING PRODUCTS CATALOG 2014 - 2015 4. Worldwide leader in LED Lighting Solution KMW Gigatera is a provider of world class energy savings solutions with our cutting edge LED fixtures. Coretechnologiessuchasourpatented"NarrowMulti-BeamForming" application are made possible by keeping in-house designers, engineers and manufacturers, allowing Gigatera to guarantee efficiency, reliability, and competitive pricing. WHO WE ARE KMW occupies over 510,000sq. ft. including manufacturing and R&D facilities in Korea, U.S.A., China and Japan.With state-of-the-art production, equipment and innovative engineering, KMW produces high-quality RF & LED products. FACILITIES VerticalIntegrationfromR&Dtomassproductionsystem LED R&D and TEST Lab., Diecasting (Aluminium, Magnesium), Machining Center, Plating & Painting House, Ceramic LAB. & Fab., SMD Line. WHAT WE OWN Frombasiccomponentstofullsystemstofulfillyourneeds KMW GigaTera's interior and exterior LED fixtures are a fusion of elegant design and practical function. Energy savings and a reduction of the carbon footprint are made without any sacrifice in light quality or performance. Our integration of wireless communications with LED lighting technologies is just one way we are pushing the limits of research anddevelopmenttobeattheforefrontoftheLEDlightingindustry. WHAT WE OFFER LED Lighting Fixture Mobile Communications Base Station (Filter&Antenna,RRH,RRA) IT Converged Lighting Design to manufacture component to system Business Field Greetings 5. 4/5 History Product Liability InsuranceISO14001 Established Huatian Telecom Inc. China (Xi'an) Established KMW Inc, Japan Registered KOSDAQ (Code) 2000 Acquired KS A/ISO 14001 certificate A President citation (The Trade Day) 2001 Established new factory (Dongtan) KT Mark approved from Science and Technology Minister A president citation (Thenationalconferenceofventurebusiness) Established 3rd factory (Yong-in) Acquired ISO9001 Certificate Changed the company name to KMW Inc. The minister of science and technology prize for venture business (*The 1st prize of venture business) Established KMW U.S.A (LA) Laboratory approved Established Head quarter Prize for the chief of industry development at competitive exhibition of new product Established (Korea Micro Wave) 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1991 Developed LED security lighting with antenna embedded Developed eco-friendly LED security lighting 8th Luminaire design grand-prix award Developed downlight integrated Antenna) Approved as advanced technology center by ministry of knowledge & economy Acquired KS certificate in LED lighting New technology (NET) certification Laboratory approved (An-Sung Factory) Developed IT converged LED Lighting Coating factory branch established TL9000 Certification Registered ESCO (No.2012-0557-4) Certificated High Efficacy Energy Equipment of LED area lighting (*Stella-50W, Stella-70W) Selected in world class 300 corporate Export sales avenue, U$ 200 Mil Acquiredthe1stICTITConvergedLEDsecuritylightinginqualitycertification (*SPES,SPES 2) Established GigaTera EU GmbH (Dsseldorf, Germany) Established GigaTera Middle East L.L.C (AbuDhabi, UAE) Established GigaTera G+ (China) Established GigaTera Japan Inc. (Japan) Export sales avenue, U$ 100 Mil Korea Technology Grand-prix award Awarded industry package (Filed of information and communication & small and medium enterprises development xploit) Awarded IR52 Jang Young Si 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2008 2007 2006 2004 6. Modular type reflectors emit the light to the area where the light is reguired, without delivering too much glare. NaturalconvectioncoolingforoptimalheatdissipationofLEDlightingtechnology Proper junction temperature control Driver with an effective heat dissipation to ensure long life 1. JunctiontemperatureofLEDlightsourceiskeptbelow149F(65C). (Theoretically, in order for LED to get life span over 50,000 hours the junction temperature should be below 176F(80C) 2. HeatsourcesliketransformerandFETofthedriveraredesignedwith heat dissipating mechanical structure to keep the temperature difference(T) between inside lead and outside temperature not more than 86F(30C). 3. As commonly known, the air flows from cold to hot. maximizes this natural convection at the level of fixture designutilizing,forexample,optimalmechanicalstructureforvertically positioned LED module. other LED lighting NMBF LED lighting Technology Narrow Multi-Beam Forming (NMBF) Technology Heat Management s renovated technology Maximizes energy savings Most optimized technology for preventing light pollution NMBF applicable product : LN, SUFA, TM Most manufacturers design the lighting fixtures implementing lens and reflector technology for desired light distribution.The reason to use lens in LED packaging is to generate the desired light pattern. And to use the reflector technology is to form the light emitted from the LED illumination to disburse the light place you needed. These existing LED lighting methods according to the characteristics of the light will spread wider area and it will also fall on the area that does not need the light and may lead to light pollution which is inefficient in terms of energy savings. sNMBFtechnologypreventslightpollutionandemitsthelightonlytotheareathatneeded,NMBFisadvancedtechnologytocontrol the luminance with low power consumption to give similar level of luminous flux and also maximize the energy saving. There are two major sources in the LED light fixture. One is from LED light source itself, and another is AC to DC converter. It is very critical factor to use an external heat dissipation structures. s luminaries design is based on the thermal control techniques to enhance the natural convection when the optical and thermal design is considered. Characteristics Characteristics 7. 6/7 Integration of information technologies with LED lighting technollogies LED Lighting +WiFi + IP Camera for wireless security, please see more in p.10 LED Lighting + Wireless Communications + Safety Helmet Technology Cutting edge IT Convergence Technology Driver Technology Certification has in house qualified driver engineers and core technologies. Performs 2 months (1440 hours) at +80C acceleration test to ensure long life. ensures50,000hourslifeofdriverwithitsin-housetechnologyandreliabilitytest. Accordingly, any failed product during the acceleration is not commercialized. Temperature acceleration test 8. One Roof Top System Effective quality management Response for short delivery Price competitiveness VerticalIntegration Die-Casting Machining CeramicFab. Plating Painting Material Final Product Sub-Assembly Unit-Assembly In-LineQA Warehouse SMDLine 9. 8/9 Chamber ConstantTemp. & Humid Thermal ShockTester RainTester Salt SprayTester Test Capacity -70C ~ 150C, RH 20% ~ 98% Test Capacity -80C ~ 220C Test Capacity IP Rating:IPX4 ~ IPX6 Temp. (15C ~ 35C) Test Capacity 35C & NaCl 5% DropTester Test Capacity 3500Hz, 100G / 2inch, 2200Ibs / half sine, smooth / sine , random , shock VibrationTester SurgeTester Silicone Dispenser HighTemperatureTester Test Capacity Open 1.2/50s 20KV , Short 8/20s 10KA Facilities 10. The above specifications are based on November 2014 / It may be altered without notice. PhotometryDimension Wireless Video Data Transmission IPCamera(2MegaPixel) Realtimevideosurveillanceoversmartdevices LEDLighting Cost&Energysavingthroughwirelessnetwork Integrated with, IT Converged LED Lighting - Security SPES Patent registration 10-1007410 24.6"(627mm) 4.1"(105mm)3.4"(86mm) - 0 H - 90 H 90 80 70 60 50 VA:0 10 20 30 40 CD:0 483 967 1,450 1,933 2,417 2,900 - Max Cd : 205 H [ 5000K / Type V ] Specification SPES070 70W 100 lm/W 7,000 lm 5000K 80 Ra 2.5 Kg 5.5 lb 50,000hrs AC100~277V AC100~240V -30C~60C -22F~140F Model Power Luminous Efficacy Luminous Flux ColorTemperature CRI Weight LifeTime InputVoltage OperationTemperature Cast Aluminum PolyCarbonate (Clear) Powder Coating Body Cover Finish Horizontal Tenon Mount 2.4 in. (60.5mm) Pipe Applied Type V Mounting Option Mount Hole Light Distribution IP 66 Application Walkway, Driveway, Industrial facility, School zone, Cultural, Hospital, Shopping mall, Parking lot, Estates, Major crime area * Separate Driver & Terminal * Tolerance : 5% * * 11. 10/11 The above specifications are based on November 2014 / It may be altered without notice. PhotometryDimension Real-Time Video Surveillance Over Full HD(1920x1080p) Video Quality Realtimevideosurveillanceoversmartdevices AdaptiveAreaLEDLighting Cost&Energysavingthroughwirelessnetwork Smart Devices IT Converged LED Lighting - Security SPES 2 Application Walkway, Driveway, Industrial facility, School zone, Cultural, Hospital, Shopping mall, Parking lot, Estates, Major crime area 26.6"(674.5mm) 8.4"(212.4mm) 15.9"(403.5mm) - 0 H - 90 H 90 80 70 60 50 VA:0 10 20 30 40 CD:0 833 1,667 2,500 3,333 4,167 5,000 - Max Cd: 160 H [ 5000K / Type IV ] Specification SPES2-E-080 80W 95 lm/W 7,600 lm 5000K 80 Ra 13 Kg 29 lb 50,000hrs AC100~277V AC100~240V -30C~60C -22F~140F Model Power Luminous Efficacy Luminous Flux ColorTemperature CRI Weight LifeTime InputVoltage OperationTemperature Cast Aluminum T