Key Lessons Learnt - Insights from Top Australian Women Business Leaders

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Key strategic insights into leadership and success in business and life by 9 Top Australian Business Women. What are their secrets to getting ahead?


  • 1. Think about what you care about, what you know, what you feel passionate about and what really irks you. Every time we say, 'That gives me the shits', do something about it. Whether it's political, whether it's commercial, whether it's in your own job, or in your own business or your own home, be the change that you want to see. She adds that if you don't know how to do it, find somebody who can help. Or go and help somebody else out. OzHarvest, Ronni Kahn

2. Start by not 'doing it all' before thinking about 'having it all. It's advice she sharedbecause, as plenty of us know, certain attitudes prevail in society that suggest women will manage the bulk of the domestic duties no matter how many hours she's putting in at work. Elizabeth Proust, Nestle Chairman 3. Take risks to get to the top. At every point people were saying, Why would you do that? You have a great job. You stay here and the prize is yours', which may have been true. The question is: do you really want that prize or do you want to try something different? Ann Sherry, Carnival Australia CEO 4. The harder the challenge, the tougher you get. She encourages all women to see upcoming hills as a challenge, to accept the test and learn something along the way. Embrace them and see them for what they are. See the deeper purpose in what's behind them. Janine Shepherd, Author Speaker Teacher 5. Ask for opportunities. it's essential women go out of their way to get their desires heard. If you're going to be a leader, you need to drive the agenda. Dr Cathy Foley, Chief of the CSIRO's Materials Science and Engineering Division 6. Work hard but be flexible. I have the 'freedom' of planning my own day but balancing children and a business that is becoming global (talking to America from 5pm-midnight regularly) means a very long day. Betty Fong, the co-owner of food retail chain Pie Face 7. Have the right people in your business is essential. From support staff and franchisees to first-year apprentices, for us it is having the right people for every job. Lesley Gillespie, co-owner of bakery franchise Bakers Delight 8. Stay focused on the big picture. You need to be organised, get the clutter out of your life so you can focus on strategy and risk. I would try and get out of some of the operational detail so you can protect your business to a certain extent and push it forward as aggressively as you can to the next level if that's what you want to do. Carolyn Cresswell, owner of Carman's Muesli 9. Women need to speak out more and not think of money as a dirty word. We don't have to give up our feminine characteristics to achieve what we want but to get there you need to be heard now. Naomi Simson, owner of Red Balloon 10. Thank you for viewing. Hope you enjoyed it. Like, Comment or Share.the Marketing Muscle helps businesses grow in strength and flex their content muscle to drive sales and deliver profit. Answers are their currency, and they are driven to take your business from Meh! to Remarkable.