Inspiring Leaders to Make a Difference: Leadership Quotes & Insights

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Every year O.C. Tanner brings together leading thought leaders. This collection of their insights will inspire you in your own leadership practices.


<ul><li> 1. LEADERSTO MA K E A D I F F E R ENCELEADERSHIP QUOTES AND INSIGHTSPRESENTED BY THE O.C . TANNER INSTITUTE</li></ul> <p> 2. EVERY Y E A R , O.C . TANNER BRINGSTOGETHER LEADING THOUGHT LEADERS.WE HOPE THIS COLLECTION OF THEIRINSIGHTS AND QUOT E S I N S P I R E S YOU INYOUR OWN LEADERSHIP PRAC T I C E S . 3. Get passionate about how what we do helps our organizations succeed inthe marketplace. Continually ask how do we build a mindset in culture thatallows us to be agile and move to new markets? That allows us to be focusedmore on customers than products. How do we drive collaboration?DAV E U L R I C H ,BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF OUTS I D E I N 4. By studying the livesof others, we hope thatwe, the living, can learnfrom their strugglesand their triumphs.DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN,PULITZ E R P R I Z E -WINNING AUTHOR 5. Recognizing and celebratinghuman talent is probably themost important strategic stepwe can take for the healthof organizations. Humanorganizations are like organisms.They grow on feeling and spiritand strength and optimism andhope. If you get the energy right,you can achieve anything.SIR KEN ROBINSON,NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHORAND CELEBRATED TED TALKS SPEAKER 6. What we tried to create wasa sense of teamwork, a senseof camaraderie, a senseof esprit de corp. This all ledto unity of purpose, where westopped focusing on our divisions,and started focusing on thethings that united us.MIKE ABRASHOFF,BESTSELLING AUTHORO F I T S YOUR SHIP 7. Authentic leadership starts with knowing what your most deeplyheld beliefs, values, and principles are. What do you really believeabout people? What has motivated you? What is your true norththeinternal compass that guides you through all your decisions?BILL GEORGE,BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF TRUE NORTH 8. Understanding andmapping yourculture is at the coreof successfulonboarding. If you donot understand yourculture, you will notknow how to makethe right tradeoffsbetween raw abilityand cultural fit.DR. MICHAEL WAT K I N S ,BESTSELLING AUTHOR OFT H E F I R ST 9 0 DAYS 9. Commitment is reciprocal. If you want your employees to be engagedand committed, you have to be engaged and committed with them.JEFFREY PFEFFER,BESTSELLING AUTHOR &amp; PROFESSOR AT STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 10. An organizations primary goal should be to buildleadership, not leaders. The ultimate test of a leader iswhether they can build a culture that outlasts even them.DAV E U L R I C H ,BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE WHY OF WORK 11. As leaders, the firsttask that we have is tofind our voice, to makesure that we are clearabout what it is that westand for and believe in.JIM KOUZES,BESTSELLING AUTHOR OFTHE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE 12. FROM FOUNDING THE RENOWNED TANNERLECTURE SERIES TO THE WORK BEING DONETODAY BY THE O.C . TANNER INST I T U T E , W E R ECOMMITTED TO RESEARCH AND INSIGHTSTHAT HELP ORGANIZATIONS INSPIRE ANDAPPRECIATE GREAT WORK.DISCOVER MORE AT OCTANNER.COM/INSTITUTE. </p>