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  • Why DASL?McSIS software is outdated technologyOpenVMS running on VAX SystemRMS index file

    Two upgrade optionsE-SIS Created by AAL, Inc.DASL Created by NOACSC

  • DASL Pros and Cons in 2003Developers know the old software and are creating the new softwareFew file conversionsSQL licenses already purchasedLower cost for enhancementsCustomizable for Ohio School NeedsNot fully developedOhio Department of Education not supporting development of DASLDASL write version not tested in Ohio SchoolsHardware specifications have not been made

  • e-SIS Pros and Cons in 2003Already being used in 5 DA SitesHas been in use at two DA Sites for five yearsFully integrated modules/screens (24 integrated student-based applications)Endorsed by the Ohio Department of EducationEMIS and SMRS screens are integrated into one packageOver 600 standard reportsProgress Book module is untestedCreated in Canada and used in other states but has many unnecessary data fieldsHigh Cost of Oracle LicensesFile conversion from McSIS to ESIS have not been testedFewer local support staffEnhancements cost more and are harder to requestExtra module costsHigh Training Costs

  • Cost Analysis

    e-SISDASLApplication Software Maintenance$0.00$72,000Database Software Licenses$118,600$32,000Database Support and Maintenance$37,097$0.00Implementation$13,800$20,000Training$41,010$0.00Hardware$56,396$55,000Total$266,903$179,000

  • McSISCirca 1996Designed to take advantage of existing telecommunications and business technologies of the timeRecord management services (RMS) on a VAX/Virtual Memory System (VMS). Features such as menu creation, user administration

  • McSIS limitationsRequires a dumb terminal or terminal emulatorDoes not take advantage of pointing devices or colorNew menus needed created every time new information was added.Inappropriate number of fields (i.e. Phone numbers)Not as user friendly as it claims ->

  • ExampleTo perform a search in the McSIS system:When the cursor is placed at the student ID# prompt, press the Backspace/Delete key and you will be prompted for the Enter Last Name. This will appear at the bottom of the screen.

  • McSIS

  • Conversion encountersWhen coverting from old system to new there were difficulties experiencedContact Menus in McSIS vs Contact screen in DASLOverlapping Date allowance in McSIS versus Non-Overlapping date allowance in DASL

  • TrainingTraining completed by ITC personnel 8 weeks to learn new system and verify dataLimitations encountered due to short time periodTrainees not always receptive to new information and training


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