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  • 1. Josh Lewis
    A.S Coursework Production

2. School Magazine
I am about to create a school magazine and contents page to start the course. The software is relatively new to me so it will help me develop my skills and understanding of the software (publisher).
It allows me to make mistakes and learn how to do the things I did better in the music magazine.
I would like to think that in the music magazine I will have developed a much broader quantity of skills enabling me to use effective techniques appropriate to the task.
I intend to learn a lot in this primarily task as it will prepare me for the music task.
3. Features I felt it was appropriate to gain some ideas into what goesinto a school magazine other than my own. As a class we came up with some helpful ideas.

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4. Sport Reviews 5. School trips 6. Expedition reports 7. Term dates 8. Sports fixtures 9. New and old teachers 10. Advertisements 11. Competitions and prizes 12. Headmasters column 13. Community updates 14. Quizzes 15. Contents 16. Music/Drama reviews 17. Leavers and new comers 18. Columns from teachers, members of staff