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John's Resume


John Millard

Composer / Performer / Musical Director

129 Manning Avenue

Toronto On. M6J 2K6

Music Projects__________________________________________

John and Waleed Currently in development with Marjorie Chan at Cahoots Theatre, this collaboration with Waleed Abdulhamid began as a collection of songs from our respective childhoods in Ontario and Sudan. Soulpepper, Luminato and most recently The Music Gallery February 27 and 28, 2015.Hank Williams Songbook Global Cabaret Festival. The Polka Dogs hosted an evening of music by Hank Williams. Guest singers included Jenny Whitely, Suba Sankaran, Waleed Abdulhamid and John Millard.

Lost Songs of Toronto at Luminato A series of songs created with poet Dennis Lee. Songs by John Millard, Patricia OCallaghan, Suba Sankaran, Waleed Abdulhamid and Mike Ross.

The Ballad of Weedy Peetstraw A festival production of this bluegrass re-telling of the Faust story by John Millard and Peter Anderson. Produced at Summerworks. Band included John Millard, Tim Posgate, Rob Clutton and Rebecca Bruton. Cast: Randi Helmers, Jamie Mac, Courtney Chang Lancaster, Greg Campbell, Nicole Robert and Chris Stanton. NOW Festival Top Five.Barber of Seville Based on the Rossinni opera and the play by Beaumarchais. By John Millard and Michael OBrien. Adapted for banjo, violin (Rick Hyslop), accordion (Tiina Kiik), bass (Rob Clutton) and a cast of twelve. Soulpepper. Directed by Leah Cherniak. May-June 2013. NOW Magazine Top 10 Shows 2013Oliver! Global Cabaret Festival Performed the songs from Oliver with Patricia OCallaghan, Brent Carver, Suba Sankaran, Aline Morales, Alex Samaris, Rob Clutton, Tiina Kiik and Rick Hyslop.

Mississippi Salon Curated this concert in the Garland Cabaret at the Young Centre. Songs from, about or by a writer from the Mississippi River basin. Participants include Peter Tiefenbach, Miranda Mulholland, Chris Whiteley, Diana Braithwaite and Laura Hubert.

Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood, Tokyo, PEN Congress. Happy Day performed selections from Atwoods novel Year of the Flood with Japanese cast.

Artist in Residence / Young Centre for the Performing Arts / Toronto Duties include: outreach, mentoring, seed projects and programming. Other artists include: Weyni Mengesha, David Buchbinder, Trish OCallaghan, Suba Sankaran, Andrew Craig, Andrea Nann, Claudia Moore, Roberto Campagnolo, Noah Richler, Guillermo Verdecchia, Walleed Abdulahamid, Soheil Parsa, Charles Officer, Aline Morales, Mike Ross, Dennis Lee and Albert Schultz.

Kurt Weill Songbook at the Canwest Cabaret Festival, Young Centre, Toronto. Musical director. Arranged and performed a collection of Kurt Weill tunes with the following performers: Mary Margaret Ohara, Patricia OCallaghan, Mike Ross, Sarah Slean, Tania Gill, Sasha Luminsky and Andrew Downing.

Fear is a music driven theatre piece. The narrative is conveyed by action only. This project has been workshopped once with Theatre Columbus. Choreographed by Kate Alton. Directed by Leah Cherniak. Dramaturge: Martha Ross.

Vimy Ridge Memorial Music director for the 2007 anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge. Arras, France. Jennifer Brewin, Martin Conboy and Arthur Milner.

A People's Fame / The Trio This group includes Jay Burr on tuba, Tania Gill and John Millard on banjo and vocals. This dynamic trio exudes a compact exoticism which breathes new life into the repertoire included on the cd: A Peoples Fame. They have performed in a variety of venues across the country.

A People's Fame / Pre 1950's Canadian Folk Songs This collection of songs from various archives around Canada was released in April of 2006. Various sources include the collections of Edith Fowke, Marius Barbeau, Phil Thomas, Helen Creighton and Kenneth Peacock. These collections are held in trust at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, University of Calgary and University of British Columbia. Musicians include Mark Duggan, Dragoslav Tanascovic, Tania Gill, Don Kerr and Jay Burr. Research and recording funded by Canada Council.John Millard and Happy Day. Since releasing their debut recording in November 2000, this band has toured many parts of Canada. Festival appearances include, Frostbite Festival in White Horse, Festival D'ete in Quebec City, Harbourfront on Canada Day in Toronto, the Duncan and Harrison Folk Festivals in B.C., Caravan Farm Theatre in Armstrong, Hillside Festival in Guelph Ont., the Summerfolk Festival in Owen Sound, The Church in St. Jacobs, The Jackson Triggs Vinyard in Niagara on the Lake, Mission Folk Festival and The Cellar in Vancouver. The group released it's second cd in April 2003 and continues to tour Canada.

The Polka Dogs The Polka Dogs were a five to ten piece band active between 1989 and 1993. Under the leadership of composer John Millard, the core of the band included Colin Couch on tuba, Tom Walsh on trombone, Ambrose Pottie on drums, and Tiina Kiik on accordion. Other personnel included Chiyoko Slavnicks, Kevin Turcotte, John Lennard, Allen Cole, Michelle Verheul, Martin Van de vin, Steven Donald, Andy Stochansky, John Jowett, Mark McLean, Don Rooke and Ernie Tollar. The Polka Dogs released two CDs through Festival Records in Canada and on Elektroplatte in Europe (Vienna). The albums and concert recordings still enjoy an amount of airplay in Canada, Germany, Holland and Austria where they toured most extensively.

The band toured extensively in Canada and Europe, playing at almost every major folk and jazz festival and too many nightclubs.

Theatre Projects _____________________________________________

Caucasian Chalk Circle at Humber College. Original score. Music Director.Weather the Weather Theatre Columbus at The Brickworks. Outdoor ambulant show. Soundtrack for trombone and powered speakerThe Story Assembled ten choirs from the Toronto area to perform in Martha Ross play. Directed by Jennifer Brewin.

Black Hammer Written by John Millard and directed by James Fagan Tait. Performed by Happy Day at the Luminato Festival and the Global Cabaret Festival at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts.

Helens Necklace

Shaw Festival. Directed by Micheline Chevrier.

Winters Tale Dream in the Park. Canadian Stage. Directed by Estelle Shook

The Ballad of Weedy Peetstraw Picton Festival

Estelle Shook

The Nuttalls

Blythe Festival Kate Lynch Michael Healey

Blue Note Performer. Conceived by Martin Julien and Brian Quirt. Written by Martin Julien.

The Great Frost was conceived by Jennifer Brewin and produced at The National Arts Centre in January and February of 2008. Written by Jennifer Brewin and Peter Hinton. Arranged and musical directed a collection of Elizabethan popular songs for singers, cittern, banjo and harmonium.

The Man From the Capital is a musical adapted from Gogols The Government Inspector by Colin Heath, Jennifer Brewin and John Millard. First mounted at The Caravan Farm Theatre in Armstrong B.C., The Man From the Capitol will be the inaugural production of G.C.T.C.s new space in Ottawa. September 2007.

The Blue Horse is The Caravan Farm Theatres summer show for summer 2007. Written by Peter Anderson, conceived by Estelle Shook and scored by John Millard.

The Wrong Son Lt. Dice. Written by Allen Cole. Directed by Peter Hinton. NAC

The Four Horsemen Adapted and arranged sound poet bp nichol songs and poems for use by Kate Alton and Ross Manson in this Volcano production. Factory Theatre (Toronto) G.C.T.C. (Ottawa) and Vancouver.

Cyrano This musical adaptation of the stage classic was presented in summer 2004 at The Caravan Theatre. Adapted by Martin Julien and directed by Jennifer Brewin.Caucasian Chalk Circle ... new score for this Bertolt Brecht piece of music theatre. Directed by Richard Greenblatt. New translation by Ross Manson.

The Man From the Capital... adapted this Russian farce by Gogol as a musical for The Caravan Farm Theatre . Colin Heath adapted the script. Directed by Jennifer Brewin.

Trickster Tale Composed six songs and incidental music for this Theatre Direct Canada production of Tomson Highway's play for young audience. Directed by Leah Cherniak.The Ballad of Weedy PeetstrawComposed the full score for this bluegrass retelling of the Faust story at the Caravan Farm Theatre. Script by Peter Anderson. Lyrics by Millard and Anderson. Directed by Estelle Shook.

Urfaust Set six of Goethe's songs for a reading of Dr. Daniel Farrelly's new translation of Goethe's earlier draft of the much larger work, Faust. Commissioned by The Goethe Institute. Directed by Ross MansonThe Barber of Seville Dora award winning adaptation of Rossini's opera with Michael O'Brien for accordion, clarinet, guitar and twelve actors.

Ratbag Composed music and songs for this Canadian Stage Company/Theatre Columbus production. Script by Martha Ross and Lyrics by Millard and Ross. Bluma Appel Theatre. Musical direction by Allen Cole. Directed by Leah Cherniak and Peter Hinton. Featured The Polka Dogs in the pit. Nominated for nine Dora awards including best new musical.

Sleeping Dogs Susan McKenzie choreographed a one hour dance piece to music written by John Millard for The Polka Dogs featuring Tiina Kiik on accordion.

Kensington Sons et Lumierres Polka Dogs conceived for this spectacle conceived by John Millard and Ida Carnevali for Kensington Karnival.

Research and Studies

Private studies with Fred Stone.Festivals and festival music in Mexico. Choirs, bands etc.(Canada Council 1989)

Music for public theatre with Welfare State International, Chari Vari and Boris Howarth in England. Reading includes Dela