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Jack Hutchins


  • 1. Evaluation
    By Jack Hutchins

2. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
For the my final piece of media I created an alternative indie/ rock /magazine.
Whilst creating my magazine I had to be aware of all of the different kind of codes and conventions that are needed to be included in any type of media product. The main conventions of this magazine are the main cover, contents page and the double page spread.
My magazineReal magazine
3. 2. Target audience
In my magazine I feel that the discourse behind it is that anyone can make it. I have used a variety of effect that I feel would appeal to all types of audiences but my main focus are the lifestyle demographic that fits most closely to experimentalists/creatives, rebels and
Throughout the magazines, including language, font and colour I have tried to uses codes that would appeal to the social
Demographics I have outlined above.
JimiHindrix reputation is as a kind of
godfather to indie music. He is a
Legendary hero, a cult figure to many.
The graphics and image on the front
Cover evoke the grime scene from
The 1990s led by bands like Nirvana.
4. Question 3 answer
The kind of media distributors that might distribute my magazine could be any store that sells magazines, but ideally the type of stores that I would like to distribute my magazine in would be music stores such as zavvi and hmv. The companie that would be the most usful to join to broaden my magazine is IPC media.
They are the the distributors for Q magazine so the chances that they will be interested in my magazine iv very high
These magazines have a very wide audience, so I would know that anyone would be available to buy my magazine and many teens go into these store to update music and so on.
This organization has a big reach and has a big influence so has the power to sell my product in many different outlets
5. Who is my audience
I am aiming my magazine to a particular and distinct demographic. My main audience are experimentalists and creatives or could be seen as the indie/ rock/ grunge characters of this group of people.
I have tried to appeal different races by the mention of Jimi Hendrix,
He appeals to everyone being such an Iconic performer and artist and being of a different ethnic minority .
My use of colours and images presents a sort of grunge theme and mentioning the demographics above these factors are what appeal to them.
6. Outlets
7. Question 5
My magazine has a variety of colours and images that I have used to attract my audience.
The blues and black are my theme colours which I have tried to carry through al the way through my magazine. The fonts that I have used atre to appeal to the indie/ rock scene as well as having and original home school typewriting theme which, again, is all there to appeal to the same niche demogrphic.
8. Question 6
TechnologyThe technology that I have used has made me see how much time and effort needs to go into he magazine to make it stand out from the crowd. The use of the adobe software has shown me that the quality of the magazine in comparison to the quantity of the magazine has a lot more detail put into it.The use of an SLR camera showed me how much it must cost to get and even higher quality of picture as well as the effects that are put into it. This is very important in the magazine. Computers: Using the Macs I found difficult at first but once I had learnt more about them then then I found that they were extremely useful. But I didnt feel that they would be good for home use.
9. Looking back at the preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product
Looking back at the preliminary Icould easily say that I have learnt so much from the creation of this product. About codes and conventions, target audience demographic, and appealing factors to make a magazine work. I'm glad I chose the magazine as it helped me get to grips with the software and hardware as well as the research that is needed for this type of product.


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