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It is a surprise gift!


  • 1. If research were a thing, it would be...A SURPRISE GIFT!!! ...wh
  • 2. The contents are UNKNOWN always There are no guarantees if you will like what the result is going to be.Likewise, in research, the discoveryof information that the person seeksmay be surprising, which then, teststhe knowledge and belief he, or she,has known. http://mysacredjourney.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/question-mark_cards.jpg
  • 3. It may be a o r deal for us to considerIn research, every factor counts!Whatever result that would come outbecomes may not meanpart ofnow, it isWhile it an important much informationto relay to can worldpossible it the be considered as somethingvaluable in years to come http://www.clock-desktop.com/screens/precious_stone_clock/precious-gems.jpg
  • 4. There is EXCITEMENT!While some may not agree, I get excitedwhen having to do some research, for itmeans that I stumbled upon anopportunity to a voyage to discovery ClipartOf.com/34937; http://www.clker.com/inc/svgedit/svg-editor.html?paramurl=/inc/clean.html?id=172414
  • 5. You get FRUSTRATEwhen some things dont go D constantObstacles becomethe way you want it to be andpressures, which are unavoidable,that it hinders us from accomplishinga research http://michaelmattis.blogspot.com/2011/09/im-so-stressed-out.html
  • 6. ARGUMENTS happenNot only will you be seeingdebatable informationbetween two researches, butalso will you be encounteringgroup conflicts (if doingresearch is a group activity) http://cdn2-b.examiner.com/sites/default/files/styles/large_lightbox/hash/53/c5/1345469684_7551_fight.jpg
  • 7. A form of PLAGIARISMThere is the tendency to copyideas and layouts, followingsimilar procedures, producingvery (self) likeable results Phillipmartin.info
  • 8. You get these on SPECIAL OCCASIONS onlyNo. Im not talkingabout parties be simple and This may completely unrelated... Im talking about research being a requirement to learn for graduation
  • 9. If research werea color, it wouldbe... PURPLE http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/215366/butterfly-purple-flowers-moon.jpg
  • 10. http://www.gospelgifs.com/background_images/images/stars2.png
  • 11. Lets not forget that purple is a combinationof RE and BLUE D http://img2.etsystatic.com/002/0/6771186/il_fullxfull.372244258_odlb.jpg
  • 12. Symbol: heart or loveRE Learning to love what is present (According to Taylor Swift, MTV interview on her REDD concert) a meaning of passion and intensityColor Therapy (Vijaya Kumar):aggression; source of strength,courage, leadership, energy & will In relation to research, it is strength and courage to speak up, contribution to leading towards progress, and having motivation and appropriate capabilities
  • 13. Symbol: ocean or any large bodies ofBLUE water Always present Sometimes ideas becomes very unpredictable and controversial (calm or aggressive, right or wrong) on to social normsColor Therapy (Vijaya Kumar): centerof communication, selfexpression,knowledge and wisdom To conclude this, it is to be able to express an interest of the person and to be able to expound the learning process on the duration of research