ispor 18th annual european congress congress 7-11 november 2015 mico ... slovak medical university...

Download ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress  Congress 7-11 November 2015 miCo ... Slovak Medical University ... we would like to thank all who contributed to the ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress,

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    ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress

    7-11 November 2015miCo milaNo CoNgressi

    milaN, italy

    Impacting Health Decision Making with Outcomes Research: Closing the Gap

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    505 Lawrence Square Blvd South Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 Toll Free US and Canada: 1-800-992-0643 Tel: +1-609-586-4981 Fax: +1-609-586-4982 Email: Internet:

    Translating Outcomes Research to Health Care Decisions

    2015-2016 board of Directors

    PresidentDaniel C. Malone, RPh, PhDProfessor of PharmacyUniversity of ArizonaTucson, AZ USA

    President-electLou Garrison, PhDProfessor, Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research & Policy ProgramUniversity of Washington Seattle, Washington USA

    Past PresidentAdrian Towse, MA, MPhilDirectorOffice of Health Economics London, UK

    DirectorsJosephine Mauskopf, PhDVice President, Health EconomicsRTI Health Solutions Research Triangle Park, NC USA

    Yen-Huei (Tony) Tarn, MS, PhDExecutive DirectorCenter for Pharmaceutical Care DevelopmentTaiwan Pharmacist AssociationTaipei, Taiwan

    Dominik Tomek, PharmD, MPH, PhDInstitute of Clinical & Experimental PharmacologySlovak Medical UniversityBratislava, Slovakia

    Karen Worley, PhDResearch ManagerComprehensive Health Insights (CHI)HumanaCincinnati, OH USA

    Nancy Devlin, PhDDirectorOffice of Health EconomicsLondon, UK

    Manuel Espinoza, MD, MSc, PhDProfessorPublic Health Institute of ChileMinistry of HealthSantiago, Chile

    Dana Goldman, PhDProfessor of PharmacyUniversity of Southern California Los Angeles, CA USA

    TreasurerZeba M. Khan, RPh, PhDVice President, Corporate ResponsibilityCelgene CorporationSummit, NJ USA

    CEO & Executive DirectorNancy S. BergISPORLawrenceville, NJ USA


    Daniel C. Malone, RPh, PhD 2015-2016 ISPOR President

    Dear Colleagues,

    As we celebrate ISPORs past accomplishments during our 20th Anniversary year, we are looking to a very bright future with our new strategic plan, updating Vision 2020.

    Beginning with a planning session last winter, the Societys Board of Directors and other leaders have been involved in crafting new Vision and Mission Statements, along with updating the areas of strategic focus. The evolving plan focuses on ISPORs ongoing commitment to strengthen the integrity, advancement, and understanding of health economics and outcomes research globally.

    I am proud to share with you the Mission and Vision Statements approved by the ISPOR Board of Directors. The new ISPOR Mission Statement is:

    To promote health economics and outcomes research excellence to improve decision making for health globally.

    In updating our new Vision and Mission Statement we emphasize the work that we do as researchers, payers, decision and policy makers, academicians, clinicians, and patients.

    The previous Mission Statement, To increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness of health care to improve health, did not focus specifically on health economic and outcomes research. We also wanted to reinforce our position as a global organization.

    Our new Vision Statement:

    ISPOR is the leading global scientific and educational organization for health economics and outcomes research and their use in decision making to improve health.

    The previous Vision Statement, ISPOR is recognized globally as the authority for outcomes research and its use in health care decisions towards improved health, did not include the importance of ISPORs role as a leading educational organization.

    Along with the Vision and Mission, the Board approved 5 Strategic Pillars that support our Vision and Mission.

    SCIENTIFIC AND RESEARCH EXCELLENCE ISPOR is committed to strengthening the integrity, advancement and the understanding and use of health economics and outcomes research among researchers, health technology developers and assessors, regulators, health economists, health care policy makers, payers, providers, patients, populations, and society.

    MEMBER ENGAGEMENT Through its worldwide membership and stakeholder groups, ISPOR has access to the ideas, knowledge, skills, and experiences that enable achievement of its mission. ISPOR offers membership benefits that are valued and essential in members professional growth.

    EDUCATION AND TRAINING Knowledge and skill building are at the core of the ISPOR mission. ISPOR will lead efforts to strengthen and expand capabilities in health economics and outcomes research.

    COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION ISPOR will be a valued and reliable resource for translating knowledge into practice for decision makers and stakeholders who include members, providers, payers, patients, professional societies, foundations, health authorities, the media, and others.

    ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES ISPOR embraces a core set of values and standards that underlie all that we do.

    Over the next months, the plan with accompanying goal statements will be shared with the membership.

    A special thank you to CEO and Executive Director Nancy Berg and her staff for driving this planning process, that involved dozens of members in a condensed time frame.

    I personally invite you to join us at the Member Meeting, Updating ISPOR Vision 2020,on Tuesday, November 10 at the 18th Annual European Congress in Milan, Italy where I will present the plan and engage members in discussing the future of our Society.

    International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

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    Letter from the ISPOR President 3

    Table of Contents 4

    Letter from the ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress Program Committee Co-Chairs 5

    Congress Committee Chairs 6

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    Congress Room Floor Plan 10 Tear out entire page for quick reference!

    Key Information 11

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    Congress App Information 16

    Short Course Program 17

    Program & Schedule of Events 25

    Research Poster Presentations Overview 42

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    Workshop Descriptions 55

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    ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress Review Committee Members 75

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    7-11 November 2015 | MiCo Milano Congressi | Milan, ItalyISPOR 18th Annual European Congress


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    F. Meyer

    Dear Colleagues,

    With great pleasure we would like to welcome you to Milan for the ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress. The theme of the conference, Impacting Health Decision Making with Outcomes Research: Closing the Gap, will be centered on the use of outcomes assessment in decision making: Are we ready to use the developments and scientific endeavor of three decades of outcomes research for strategic policy making and day-to-day health services and technologies financing decisions?

    In the opening plenary session on Monday, Strategy in Motion: The Current and Future Lifecycle Approach to Decision Making on Health Technologies, payers, health techno


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