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1. National Plan (2010 2022) brings together theefforts of Governments across Aust. to make a real &sustained reduction in the levels of VAWIt is the first plan to: Coordinate across jurisdictions Focus strongly on prevention Look to building respectfulrelationships & working toincrease gender equality toprevent violence from occurringin the first place Hold perpetrators accountable &encourage behaviour change 2. 6 National Outcomes1. Communities are safe & free from violence2. Relationships are respectful3. Indigenous communities are strengthened4. Services meet the needs of women & children experiencing violence5. Justice responses are effective6. Perpetrators stop their violence & are held to account.Strategies have been developed & prioritised.Commonwealth, States & Territories allocated responsibility. 3. Key Features Long term plan 12 years Seeks engagement across levels of government, the non-government sector and the community more broadly. Four three year action plans 1. Building a strong foundation (2010 2013) 2. Moving ahead (2013 2016) 3. Promising results (2016 - 2019) 4. Turning the corner (2019 2022) Links to other government reforms - housing and homelessness;Mental Health; Closing the Gap; Child Protection 4. Governance Council of Select Council onNational Plan AustralianW omens IssuesImplementationGovernmentsPanel (NPIP) Supported by a Senior(COAG)Officials W orking Group Advisory Groups To consider issues and provide advice on key reform areas and priority actions 5. National Plan Implementation Panel (NPIP)Key Priority Advisory Groups:1. Primary Prevention2. Building the Evidence Base3. Enhancing Service Delivery4. Justice Groups will be attended by Govt & NGOs &will share ideas & exchange information onkey priority areas in the National Plan. 6. National PrioritiesBuilding Primary Prevention Social Marketing Campaigns The , White Ribbon events Respectful Relationship Educational Programswithin schools targeting young people especiallyboys Community based primary prevention, includingthrough sporting organisations e.g. funding ofcommunity & sporting orgs across the country tospeak out against violence. 7. National PrioritiesService Delivery Reform e.g.: Establishment of 1800RESPECT nationaltelephone & online counselling service Safe at Home initiatives in some States Child Aware Approaches Improving services delivery for women withdisabilities Undertaking effective risk assessment 8. National PrioritiesStrengthening Justice Responses e.g.: Amended legislation to strengthen responses forvictims of DV Research into perpetrator interventions Family Law Act amendments National DV Order Scheme Supporting several conferences 9. National PrioritiesBuilding the Evidence Base e.g: Establishing a new National Centre of Excellence Develop a National data collection & reportingframework Repeating the Personal Safety Survey (PSS) & theNational Community Attitudes Survey (NCAS)every 4 years across the life of the National Plan. 10. SA Context 11. ARTS Governance Arrangements Minister for the Status of WomenChief Executives Coroners Position Group Working Groups AlliancePreventionNetwork Service ProvisionProtection PerformanceViolence Against Women CollaborationsKeyReporting relationships 12. ARTS Links The National Plan SAs Strategic Plan Target 18 Obligations under the UNs Convention for the Eliminationof All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)and uses the CEDAW definition:Violence against women means any act of gender basedviolence that results in, or is likely to result inphysical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or privatelife 13. Building momentum .. 20052006 2008 2009 2011FirstSystemLaw PreventionSecond ImprovementReformphase Phaselaunched 2006 Family Safety 2008 Rape and SexualAssault reform passedFramework 2009 Dont Cross theLine Community South Australias 2009 Domestic and 2008 Dont Cross theEducation GrantsStrategic PlanAboriginal Family Line CampaignCommunity Education Target 18 Violence Sector 2010 Prevention GrantsSignificant and2009 Domesticactivities across2010 Integrated specific sectors sustained reduction inSupport for key events ViolenceResponse Modeleducation, hospitalityviolence against - White Ribbon DayIntervention Orders women.(Prevention of Abuse)industry 2011 Coroners Position2009 passedHow? Leadership Partnerships Commitment Willingness 14. 2012 onwards Embed change Identify new ideas/reforms Strengthen existing partnerships Strengthen capacity for primary prevention Develop new partnerships


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