Intermodal Transport in the Republic of Slovenia

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Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Transport, Railways Directorate. Intermodal Transport in the Republic of Slovenia. Igor Prini, B.Sc. Undersecretary. Intermodal Transport Europe Asia: Opportunities and Challenges Kiev, 27 and 28 September 2004. Contents. Present state: Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Intermodal Transport in the Republic of Slovenia Igor Prini, B.Sc.UndersecretaryRepublic of Slovenia, Ministry of Transport, Railways DirectorateIntermodal Transport Europe Asia: Opportunities and ChallengesKiev, 27 and 28 September 2004

  • ContentsPresent state:IntroductionInfrastructureOperatorsPresent data

    Opportunities and challenges


  • good inland and maritime connections to all destinationscrossroad of the pan-European Transport Corridors V and XIntroduction Geographical position

  • IntroductionInfrastructureAGTC network in SloveniaTerminals:Koper,Ljubljana,Maribor,Celje

  • Basic data:total area4,743,000 m2total quay length2,636 mnumber of piers3number of berths24maximum sea depth18 mlength of railway tracks28,000 mclosed warehouses230,000 m2covered warehouses66,000 m2open storage areas820,000 m2shore tanks49,000 m3silo-storage capacity81,000 tInfrastructure Port of Koper

  • Infrastructure Ljubljana terminalBasic data:total area99,250 m2open storage area21,500 m2park places for trucks15,000 m2additionalpark place10,000 m2railway tracks4 x 500 mEquipmentfrigo container connectors40gantry crane capacity400 kNreach stackers2 x 400 kNfork lift trucks

  • operates all logistics and transport services within maritime transport,offers maritime links all over the world,transhipment in 2003 11,036,457 tOperatorsoperates railway services in Slovenia,operates railway terminals,offers CT services,in 2003 goods transported 17,239,000 t, of which 15 % by CT (2,568,000 t)leading company in the field of intermodal transport in Slovenia,organises all forms of intermodal transport services in co-operation with domestic and international IT companies

  • Present data [1] share of combined transport performed by rails[2] percentage of total goods transportSource: 2003 Statistical yearbook and Slovenian railways Annual reportGoods transport by different modes

    YearTotalRoadHarbourRailCombined1000 t1000 t%1000 t%1000 t%1000 t [1]% [2]199969,61846,98067,58,41212,114,22620,41,4532,1200073,05548,95367,09,03812,415,06420,61,6352,2200173,73549,67067,49,14612,414,91920,21,7252,3200269,33043,68663,09,30513,416,33923,62,3593,4

  • Source: Slovenian railways Annual report 2003Present dataCombined transport of goods performed by rails

  • Opportunities and challengesthe share of intermodal transport compared to road is rather low,whole national road network is crowded by heavy trucksOpportunityImplementation of special wide plan based on international co-operation for switching goods to intermodal transportChallengehow to do that without harming anyone,how to do it to satisfy everyone involved in transport chain,to do that as quick and efficient as possible

  • Conclusiongap between the wish of switching goods from roads to intermodal transport and realityinsufficient measures implementedresistance within road transport organisationsProblemsPossible solutionsdefinition of goods that should be transported by different modesachievement of general agreement of switching to intermodal transportnew measures for promoting intermodal transport

  • ConclusionSwitching trucks to rails and shipsSwitching goods to intermodal transport unitsWRONGRIGHT

  • Thank you very muchfor your attention.

    Opportunities and challengesFrom the data presented it is clear that the share of intermodal transport compared to road is rather low. That is the reason why whole national road network is crowded by heavy trucks not only in Slovenia but all over the Europe.The main opportunity is to switch the goods in international transport from road to intermodal transport by implementation of special wide plan based on international co-operation.And the challenge is to do that quickly and efficiently without harming anyone involved in transport chain.ConclusionThere is a big gap between general wish of switching goods from roads to other modes of transport and actions how to do that.I believe that we should:distinguish between goods to be transported by different modes of transport,organise intermodal transport to become competitive with classic one,help the customers to decide to switch to intermodal transport,implement the measures for the encouragement of intermodal transport:exemption from road tolls for trucks operating in CT,weight exemptions,exemptions on traffic bans,exemptions on VAT for purchasing of containers, swap-bodies, . . .,solve problems arising from decreasing of road transport by its restructuring and so on.I believe that we must switch goods from classic trucks to intermodal transport units. The way of switching trucks from roads to rails and ships is wrong, does not lead us to final success and only could be a midterm solution.


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