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The last issue of the Auburn Riverside newspaper for 2010-11


  • fli htJune 15, 2011 VOLUME 16 ISSUE #7

    ginA U B U R N R I V E R S I D E S T U D E N T V O I C E

    Good-bye Seniors! Class of 2011

    earns 1.5 million in known scholarships.

  • 2 6/15/11OPINION

    InFlight is compiled by the student news-paper staff at Auburn Riverside High School, 501 Oravetz Road, Auburn, WA 98092.

    The InFlight staff strives to maintain accurate and objective reporting for our stories. However, opinion stories are included. Any commentary which is signed by the author accounts for his or her opinion only, and not necessarily that of any-one else on staff. An unsigned editorial reflects the majority opinion of the InFlight staff.

    InFlight accepts student, faculty, and com-munity members letters to the editor, artwork, opinions and comments. However, we will not print any unsigned letters or work. Please contact us in room 402, through e-mail at or by calling 253-804-5154.

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    Editor-In-ChiefShayla McGinness

    Business ManagerBrianne Kopp

    AdviserPatrick Swenson

    In current society, a problem exists in the realm of education. The problem: athletics vs. academics. These are two vital aspects in the educational system; there-fore, both should be equally assessed. The frightening thing is the lack of attention in academics and the overabundance and dedication in sports.

    Both have obvious merits. Athletics teaches team work, responsibility, physical and mental strength. Academics teaches dedication, management skills, and other life lessons, such as how to be financially fiscal, and motivation to follow your own path and knowledge to expand your horizons, creating well educated adults. The advantages of one can also benefit the other but the problem is when a student only focuses on sports or

    Letter to the Editor Athletics VS. Academicswhen our society glorifies sports and down-plays the importance of academic success. The importance of academic success is obvious: get good grades in high school, continue to college and get a job. The love of knowledge doesnt even have to be in the form of success in school, but respect shown for the expanding and shaping of young minds is appreciated. What frustrates me is when people take school as a joke and dont put in any effort at all. Granted, high school and college should be fun and theyre supposed to be the best years of our lives, but it also comes with the responsibility of doing work. Although sports may provide greatly valued benefits and opportunities, it should not be focused on over academics.

    Academics provide a stable foundation for our country. We, the people, support and further our economy and culture; this begins with a good education.

    his younger years, Bieber declined several offers to join Mozarts chamber choir.

    I was determined that my solo career would take off soon, said Bieber in a re-cent interview.

    At this point, Bieber has written more symphonies than Mozart had written at the age of 17. Bieber has shown a lot of pride in his most recent symphony and brags about his strong staccato on the sixteenth notes and his subtle use of arpeggios.

    Another of these music phenomena is Lil Wayne, who has been deemed one of the most amazingly innovative singers of all timeand a god amongst guitarists! Critics say that Lil Waynes guitar playing makes Jimmy Hendrix look like a beginner.

    Last week, Lil Wayne performed at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, sight read-ing Beethovens composition Spanish Guitar Solo. Wayne played the piece near flaw-lessly!

    Afterward, Beethoven was interviewed about Waynes performance.

    He plays even better than I could have, Beethoven said. He sure knows how to make it rain on them [expletive deleted], as the kids might say these days!

    KAYLA SEAMSTERStaff Reporter

    New musicians got talent

    Dear Staff Reporter Kyle Stocker,After reading your recent InFlight article, My undivided allegiance,

    I was appalled at the message you were sending out about the students at Auburn Riverside.

    America is a country built on freedom and rights. Our freedom to speak. Our freedom to practice religion. Even the Freedom of Choice Act exemplifies our freedom to make decisions for ourselves. Having such a gracious country, in which you are able to make choices about the things you do in your everyday life, does not suddenly disappear when it comes to the flag salute in school. We students have the right to sit during the pledge of allegiance.

    As children in elementary school, we are required by our teachers to stand and salute the flag. In middle school, we are expected to stand but less so expected to recite the words that go with it. In high school, we are not required to pledge our allegiance, or even stand at all. This is because in high school, we are practically adults, capable of making the choice for ourselves. And those of us who choose to sit during the pledge of allegiance should not be judged for our choice. We do not judge you for choosing to stand.

    There are many reasons why students dont participate in the flag salute each morning. And you are not expected to understand each and ev-ery one of those reasons because honestly, its nobodys business whether I stand or do not stand. Many people in America have been wronged by our country. Many people have been ill-treated in the system, their needs ignored by the government. Neglected by God. Who are you to say that I am supposed to pledge my allegiance to a country that wrongly sent, say, my father to prison for a crime he did not commit? Who are you to say that I am supposed to praise a nation under God that took my mother from me at a young age? Who are you to say I have to support the government that sentenced my brother or sister to die in Iraq, to fight a war that many disagree with? Who are you to tell me that I should give the country my commitment when America pulls a Houdini trick with the taxpayers dol-lars and one out of eight children go to bed hungry each night? The cost of one missile could feed a school of children lunch every day for five years, and yet, our country is geared for violence and war, instead of helping its people. That is why I do not stand each morning in second period, because I am in awe with our country.

    Granted, I agree that students should not be disrespectful during the pledge of allegiance by talking. But many of us just sit quietly for the two or so minutes, and after that go on with our day. Its not fair to say that all the students who do not stand are disrespectful and are not paying homage to what the flag represents. Im fairly certain that after the fourteen to eighteen years of living, most of the students have learned about the people who died for our country, and we respect them and all they sacrificed. It is not your place to tell us how and when to remember those people.

    Suffice to say, I completely disagree with your stance on the flag salute.

    Kelley Pickett Junior

    Rolling Stone magazine says that main-stream music is at an all-time high in tech-nicality. Mainstream artists such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Ke$ha, and Justin Bieber are the most innovative musicians of the past 50 years, and are even surpassing Mo-zart and Beethoven in talent.

    Critics point out how much the teenage community values talent and strong compo-sition, and the latest pop and hip hop music does just that! After artists like Led Zeppe-lin and Pink Floyd dragged down the artistic image of mainstream music, many people were beginning to think mainstream music would never make a comeback.

    They were wrong. Music is at the top of its game these

    days! Rolling Stone music critic Ralph J. Gleason said. It doesnt get much better than drum machines and autotune to spice up your music.

    Musical geniuses electrifying the com-munity include Justin Bieber, who is at the top of his game. At only the age of 17 this kid is already working on his 33rd symphony! In


  • 36/15/11 OPINION

    As many people know, Android has re-cently replaced Apple as the most popular phone. But Why? is a question many people have. The Android and iPhone both have dif-ferent features that make them unique, but some are better than others.

    To start with, call quality is fine between both phones. There is no static or dropped calls and they both seem to perform as a smart phone should. Each have a sleek design and are almost the same size, the Android being slightly larger.

    The texting on both phones is great. But the Android offers Swype which is the latest and greatest in texting. Rather than just typing each letter like on an iPhone, on an Android the user swipes between each letter, making the text much quicker and more ac-curate. It takes a little getting used to, but in the long run is well worth it.

    Both phones are touch screens, but the iPhone screen is much better. The Android features a normal pressure-based screen that is very responsive, but the iPhone has a heat-based screen. This makes it much

    JORDAN GREENStaff Reporter

    Dueling smart phone companies duke it outmore responsive to touch, and when it is in your pocket, you arent calling anyone. The Android screen is much more vibrant and colorful, however. It also does not wash out in direct sunlight like the iPhone.

    The main division between the phones is the operating system. Both are very similar, but the iPhone is much better. The iPhone has never frozen or bogged down, whereas whenever the Android is running more than one application at a time it freezes. But the Android is capable of getting much more ap-plications, whereas Apple phones can only run Apple applications.

    The general look and flow of the Android is much better than the rows of apps on an iPhone. On an Android, different styles of apps can be downloaded rather than the run-of-the-mill boxes on an iPhone. The mov-ing live wallpapers of the Android also add another lever of customization to the phone that the iPhone does not have.

    Overall, I would choose Android over the iPhone because it is much more customizable and can support many more applications. Although it does freeze every once in a while, I would choose it over an iPhone any day.


    JAYMES FLEURYStaff Reporter

    Users wrestle over search-enginesThe internet has an infinite amount of

    websites hosting a variety of topics. Thank-fully, some of these sites are dedicated to filtering through them. A handful of reliable search engines exist out there, but which one should students use? Every single day students will jump online, and their first instinct is to get onto their favorite search engine. Two engines have been in competi-tion for a while now, but is it even worth a debate?

    It goes without saying that the two big-gest internet filters are Bing and Google. One claims to be more precise and accurate, while the other runs on experience and an arsenal of useful tools. These two go head-to-head, yet Bing is the only one trying to gain a public foothold. So while Bing fights an uphill battle, Google contently sits at the top.

    With todays day and age, any question can be answered on the internet. Where do most of us go to hunt for said answers? Why? Because weve been using it for years, it has better and cleaner gad-gets, and its simple. On the other hand, we have First reactions will be Ooh, what a cute animal! or Oh great. Microsoft has their own search engine. These initial reactions are pretty much a perfect examina-tion of Bing. It happens to be just a flashy, Microsoft gimmick.

    Heres an assignment. Go to Bing and

    find directions to some destination from another. Now do the same on Google. If this doesnt scream case and point, then you should get your eyes checked. Bings map function is so bland and dull, until you fumble through its laggy settings. Googles is accurate foot-by-foot and has smooth aerial photos. But this is just one tool! Bing has a handful of tools left, while Google has an entire factory. Under Googles more tab, it holds almost 40 options. Bing possesses almost 30.

    I took a quick skim through the library every day for a week to see what search

    engine people were using. Only once did I see a screen with Bings website on it! Was I surprised? I guess what was most shocking was that anyone was using it at all. When I asked their reasoning behind such madness, their reply was simply; I just want to see the cool pictures. Stifling a laugh, I just nodded and walked away.

    Ever since the whole Windows Vista fiasco, Microsoft has tried to resurrect their credibility. (Saying that, I hope my PC doesnt hate me.) With a new ad campaign, Microsoft has been attacking Google, accus-ing it of spreading the search overload

    PHOTO COURTESY CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE, WWW.CREATIVECOMMONS.ORG/ANDROIDVSIPHONEdisease. Google users are found in this ad with symptoms including, blank stares, social awkwardness, and inconsistent bab-bling. Though the ad is pretty witty, I feel that Bing is trying too hard to emphasize its narrowed search. Yes, Bing does come up with fewer results than Google on any given search. But neither engine can be 100 percent sure on what the user is actually looking for. So sometimes, a broader search is just as useful.

    So think twice before picking a search engine. One may look better on the outside, while another can be twice as good. Google is still the reigning search engine champion, while Bing warms the bench.

    Android and Apple fight it out in an epic battle of smart phones.

  • 4 6/15/11NEWS


    Shakespeare in the ParkA Midsummer Nights Dream

    Riverside Drama will be performing William Shake-speares A Midsummer Nights Dream in Roegner Park on the 15th and 16th of July, at 6 PM. There will be a green show before the performance, where various talents will be displayed around the park, including sing-ing, dancing, and the magic of Michael Wong. There is absolutely no cost, but t...