industrial revolution chapter 7. 2 parts of the industrial revolution  began in gb – 1700s ...

Download Industrial Revolution Chapter 7. 2 Parts of the Industrial Revolution  Began in GB – 1700s  Transportation Steamboats Roads and Canals Railroads  Machinery

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  • Industrial RevolutionChapter 7

  • 2 Parts of the Industrial RevolutionBegan in GB 1700sTransportationSteamboatsRoads and CanalsRailroadsMachineryCotton Mills

  • American SystemI Henry Clay1. Tariff of 1816 High tariffsPay for roads/ canals2. infrastructure roads and canalsConnect Atlantic states w/ MidwestNational Road & Erie Canal3. 2nd National Bank

  • Clay

  • National Road

  • Erie Canal363 miles NY State to Lake ErieNYC- greatest commercial centerWatch America: The Story of US

  • Erie Canal

  • SteamboatsRobert Fulton designed 1st comm. steamboatClermontCould travel upstreamRead pg. 229

  • Railroads1820s in the USReplaced canalsQuicker, easier to move people/goodsCheaper!!!Read pg. 230

  • Textile Mills1st industry affected by IRSamuel Slater brought the technology to build textile mills to USWater powered mills

  • Textile Mill

  • Slaters Mill location?

  • Lowell FactoryFrancis Cabot Lowell factory system -make clothMass.All parts of the process in 1 buildingUsed Lowell Girls young, single girls

  • Lowell Girls

  • Eli WhitneyInventorInterchangeable parts identical components that could be used in place of anothermusketsCotton gin separated seed from cottonMore, cheaper cottonslaveryRead pg. 237

  • Interchangeable Parts

  • Forrest Gump

  • Cotton Gin

  • Cotton Gin Kept Slavery Alive

  • Cotton is mainly grown in this areaKing Cotton slaves grow and pick raw cotton send it to millsTextile Mills mainly in this areaNew England

  • Other InventionsSamuel F.B. Morse telegraphElias Howe sewing machineImproved by Isaac SingerJohn Deere steel plowCyrus McCormick mechanical reaper

  • Morse Telegraph

  • Elias Howe

  • Deere- Steel Plow

  • McCormick mechanical reaper

  • Old School


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