imagine what you could do if you had a personal lab assistant? ?· imagine what you could do if...

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  • Imagine what you could do if you had a personal lab assistant?

    My Sysmex

  • Our Brilliant Solution: My Sysmex is an easy to use, mobile assistant that displays real time

    analyzer performance data enabling you to make informed decisions,

    share information and facilitate the education of your staff.

    Quickly locate important performance information

    Consolidate reports

    Create teachable moments

    All with just a touch on the My Sysmex screen

    Do you suffer from? Spreadsheet Dysfunction is a common lab affliction that is caused by the need to jump

    from spreadsheet to spreadsheet in a futile attempt to consolidate information.

    Online Fatigue occurs in many labs causing staff to waste valuable lab time searching for specific information online and not finding it. And then searching again. And again. And again.

    Stored-It-Somewhere Syndrome happens when you store a favorite document in a special placeand then you cant find that special place.

    Training Disorder manifests itself when there are no easy means to train technologists, pathologists or laboratory personnel on the latest diagnostic information.

    Education Deficit is evidenced by a lack of educational choices for CEUs and often presents with an inability to easily access training tools.

  • Take this virtual tour and then contact us for a live demo.

    Meet your new Home Page. Log in with your Customer Resource Center (CRC) username and passwordand all

    of your Sysmex Network Communications System (SNCS) connected analyzers will be

    displayed, along with any notifications.

    You can customize your favorite systems and put the helpful documentation you need

    right at your fingertips.

    Notifications automatically let you know when Sysmex has something important to share

    including new or updated product notifications.

    This screen lets you quickly send a message to our Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

    with questions, or to request a callback.

    The menu bar along the bottom of the Home Page provides a menu of options depending

    on your specific needs.

  • Next, check out the My Analyzers page.

    Quick You can pull up quick guides and user manuals specific to each analyzer connected

    to SNCS.

    Informative This is a fast and easy way to look up information or answer any questions regarding

    the health of your analyzers.

    Comprehensive You can select a view of all system errors and graphs per dayto check the status of your

    analyzers with just a glance.

    Revealing You can also view trends over the last 7 days for monitoring purposes which helps you

    take a proactive approach to lab management

  • Learning is easy on the My Education page.

    My Education brings it all together, all in one place.

    You can access analyzer training workbooks to use with your staffalong with product

    notifications, guides and manuals. Continuing education modules make earning CEUs a snap.

    You can quickly view critical information your staff needs to keep things up and running.

    For example, if your night shift must know how to change a dye pack or order reagents, they

    can point My Sysmex at the analyzerand instructions will be displayed right on the device.

    Your labs learning never stops and neither does our commitment to making knowledge easy

    to access. The My Education page includes informative videos for training, maintenance and


  • My Services is one page that belongs in every lab.

    A dashboard displays the status of your analyzers. Managers, supervisors and lead technologists are provided the information they needright at their fingertips.

    A calendar feature lets you know when its time for a new lot of QC. You can add information and reminders of meetings or items on your personal agenda.

    Consolidated QC reports from InsightTM include status reports and exceptions. You can easily benchmark your labs performance against other analyzers in your peer group.

    A calibration verification history button pulls up all of your certificates for an inspector.

    You can email and print your manuals and put an end to time-consuming searches for the most recent information.

    We have also created a place to keep service maintenance documentation along with your maintenance checklist.

    You can access records electronically and print only what you need to save time and money. We even make it easy to check on any upcoming Sysmex orders and their scheduled arrival time.

  • My Sysmex is the Answer

    What would it be like to see the status of your analyzers at a glance?

    What if you could point your tablet at the system and immediately know that QC needs

    to be run?

    What if you could communicate with each shiftright from a tablet?

    How does your labs QC compare with others in your peer group?

    Our easy-to-use mobile assistant displays real time analyzer performance data to help you make informed decisions.

    Contact your local Sysmex Sales Representative or call 1-800-379-7639 for a live demo or more information.

    Not available in all markets.