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Imagine if You Received this Call!. Michael Weber Deputy Executive Director for Operations August 24, 2011. Fukushima Pre-Earthquake. Earthquake and Tsunami. NRC Priorities. Protect U.S. Citizens in the U.S. and abroad Assist the Government of Japan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Imagine if You Received this Call!Michael WeberDeputy Executive Director for Operations

August 24, 2011

1Fukushima Pre-Earthquake2

2Earthquake and Tsunami3

34NRC PrioritiesProtect U.S. Citizens in the U.S. and abroadAssist the Government of JapanAssist the Department of State and other government agencies

Challenges in the ResponseEmergency in JapanDifferent roles and responsibilitiesInfrastructure damage from earthquakes and tsunamiUncertaintiesProtracted response


650-Mile Evacuation RecommendationBest assessment based on limited informationFour nuclear power plants faced extraordinary challenges extra large potential source termHigh levels of radiation detectedResponse by operators impededProjected population doses could be largeNRC recommended to the Administration to evacuate US citizens out to 50 milesWhat do we know now?7

What do we now know?8

9What do we now know?

ConclusionContinuing confidence in safety of US fleetWe are still learning about the eventWe will not hesitate to make changes to our regulatory and oversight activities, as appropriate1010Unit 1 Sequence of Events11

11Unit 2 Sequence of Events 12

12Unit 3 Sequence of Events13

13Unit 4 Sequence of Events14



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