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The bulldog has an interesting historical background. For centuries, the bulldog was bred to bait and encounter live bulls. Over a period of time, as the bull ring lost its charm and bulldogs were also went out of public reckoning.


  • 1.How to Train French Bulldog Puppies The bulldog has an interesting historical background. Forcenturies, the bulldog was bred to bait and encounter live bulls. Over a period of time, as the bull ring lost its charm and bulldogs were also went out of public reckoning. However, an active group of bulldog enthusiasts who were firm not to let the bulldog become extinct, started a breeding program to preserve the qualities of the breed.By virtue of its ancestry the modern bulldog is fiercely independent active and alert. Thus, it is difficult to train a grown up bulldog. Instead, you should catch them young so that the training is easier and the bulldog puppy will also be more receptive to learning. Once bulldog is fully trained, it will be obedient and provide you pleasantcompany.

2. It will certainly be useful to know a step-by-step method for training French bulldog puppies: As a first act, get a suitable collar for your puppy bearing in mind that bulldog has a wide head with a stiff neck. The collar must be comfortable for the puppy and not an irritant or create suffocation. An ideal collar when worn should be loose enough to let you to place two fingers between the neck and the collar. Arrange the puppy's crate in a calm area and it should be a 3. pleasant place to dwell. Place a blanket and some toys inside. The puppy must get accustomed to staying inside a kennel. So, gradually increase the length of time the puppy spends in the kennel until it becomes comfortable staying inside. Create a suitable space in your yard for potty training. Please know the bulldog puppy is extremely intelligent andwill quickly imbibe housebreaking if you are consistent. Make it a point to take the pup out during the day - particularly after meals and upon waking. Feed your puppy at regular intervals. It is better to chalk outa time table and adhere to the timings. A feeding routine is necessary for you to keep check over your puppy's intake. It is useful to know the bulldog is a hearty and heavy eater and so carefully monitoring mealtime will prevent the puppy from overeating and indigestion problems. Take the puppy out on walking trips and it will be good toprovide opportunities for the puppy to socialize. But 4. remember to start all socialization attempts after the puppy is fully vaccinated. Frequent trips to a dog park or pet-friendly shopping centers will give the puppy the possibilities to encounter strangers and spend time in unfamiliar places that will gradually put her at ease when in new surroundings. Teach the puppy how to obey simple commands like - sit, lie down, come, kneel, be silent etc. Each command can be taught with a simple and easy set of steps. Reward and praise every time the puppy obeys, so the puppy knows it has done well. Gradually start teaching the puppy more advanced commands in a progressive way. Over a period of time, the puppy will completely master the art of obeying all your commands. Please bear in mind that the bulldog puppy is highly susceptible to joint pain and genetic deformities. So, orient the training program in a manner that creates no physical discomfort for the puppy. Work with the puppy in short sessions lasting not more than 15 minutes each time. Do not physically force or punish the puppy into obedience. This will injure the puppy and instill a sense of fear and distrust.