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So youve decided you want to buy a puppy - you may even be thinking of responding to an advert for puppies for sale in the UK. First you need to carefully consider if the dog is right for you. The Great British bulldog has become somewhat of an icon to some, symbolising the Churchillian spirit of the British.


<ul><li>1.RSPCABulldogs</li></ul> <p>2. The Great British bulldog has become somewhat ofan icon to some, symbolising the Churchillian spirit of the British. 3. But just as not every resident of our great nation fits the Churchillian stereotype, not every Englishbulldog lives up to the stereo-typical attributesassociated with the breed. 4. Each bulldog puppywill develop apersonality basedpartly on theirupbringing a bulldog puppy who is notproperly socialised may grow into a bulldog who is timid and shy. 5. Bulldogs can make wonderful pets, however this will verymuch depend on the environment in which they are raised andthe training they receive. Make sure youre prepared to give apuppy all the care it needs. 6. Bulldog puppies for sale Pedigree bulldogs and bulldog puppies are often sought outbecause of their distinctive features. But, before you rush outto buy the bulldog puppy you find so adorable (or even a pair of bulldog puppies!) do your homework. 7. The very same features that make a pedigree bulldog puppy appearadorable to you could lead Bulldog puppies for saleto some serious healthproblems for the puppy. Insome cases breeders have selectively bred bulldogpuppies to ensure that these features are exaggerated withoutthought to the health and welfare issues this could cause. 8. Dont be afraid to ask the bulldog puppy breederquestions. 9. Find out as much as possible about the health of the bulldog puppies for sale, and their parents, before you visit to giveyou and your new puppy the best chance of enjoying a long and happy life together. 10. For more information visit the RSPCAThank You </p>