How To Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks

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  • How To Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks

    Read on to learn how to train your dog properly.

    A great dog training tip is to always use your dog's name in a positive manner. When you dothis, you dog will feel like it is expected to live up to the way you call it, instead of associatingits name with being bad. So you should avoid using the dog's name negatively.

    An older dog can learn new things, but you need to be aware of health issues that mightcause his ability to be somewhat limited with certain things. For instance, it may beimpractical to ask your dog to crawl for long distances if he has arthritis. Training your dogkeeps his mind going, and older dogs benefit from this. However, you should make surethese sessions are not causing any pain.

    If you will be introducing a new animal, do it slowly. If you want a second pet, look for onethat will be compatible with your current pet. Getting compatible pets is the key to a healthyhome.

    Does your dog frequently pull on their leash? This is probably the most common complaint ofdog owners, but it is fairly easy to remedy. Go to your local pet store and purchase a cheapharness. A harness can significantly reduce pulling, which will cause your walks to be morefun.

    The majority of reported dog bites were brought about by fear. When your dog feels afraid ortrapped, it will bite. Never use physical punishment as a way to discipline your dog. This mayhave serious negative consequences, such as your dog biting you. By doing this, pleasingyou will be one of your dog's life goals as it will see you as the pack leader.

    When you are training your dog, bad behavior needs to be discouraged. Use a firm voicewhen you say "no" to your dog. You should never yell at your dog, nor strike your canine withyour hand or any physical object. Immediately react to bad behaviors so they know the causeof the punishment. Dogs can't remember very long. Waiting will only confuse the dog.

    To train a good dog, practice regular training. Do not expect to become perfect when trainingyour dog off the bat. Unless you are willing to practice your skills, you are unlikely to besuccessful at anything! This is also the case for dog training.

    When giving a command to your dog, you should always use the exact same kind of voiceand the same volume. Your voice tone lets your dog know that you are serious and that youexpect their obedience. This also assists the dog in understanding what the difference isbetween a tone for a command and the tone for discipline.

    To train young dogs to walk with a leash, you must first have the dog wear a collar during

  • playtime. Having the puppy get comfortable wearing the collar is important not only so thatyou can properly use a leash but also that your puppy has the proper identification tags incase he or she takes off.

    You must remove any chewing issues. This prevents them getting hurt and also saves youirritation and money. Apply the tips you learned here to your dog training plan and your dogcan be the well-behaved pet you've always wanted. clothes for dogs, jumpers for dogs, dog socks