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Establishing your online presence offers your business great visibility. The online market is global and this means that you will be accessing a wider audience beyond any specific boundary.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Gabriela TaylorAuthor, Entrepreneur and Holistic Coach</p> <p>Having an Online Presence Offers:GLOBAL REACHGREATER VISIBILITYLITTLE OPERATIONAL COSTS</p> <p>HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO START AN ONLINE BUSINESS?</p> <p>There is no fixed cost</p> <p>The amount of money you spend will entirely depend on factors such as:</p> <p>Business goals and objectives</p> <p>The type of product or service you are looking to sell</p> <p>The size of your business</p> <p>Other Cost Factors</p> <p>Designing and creating your website</p> <p>E-commerce store</p> <p>Cost of setting up a payment structure</p> <p>HOW MANY TYPES OF ONLINE BUSINESSES ARE THERE?</p> <p>AFFILIATE MARKETING INFORMATIONAL MARKETINGSELLING INFORMATIONAL PRODUCTSECOMMERCE SITESIt entails selling other peoples products to earn a commission from every saleThe key here is to provide information that is highly sought after by a significant niche that is looking to purchase related productsIt entails selling mainly ebooks and courses that show people how to do somethingThis would require you to establish an online store and then ship products to customers who make orders</p> <p>HOW MUCH TIME DOES IT TAKE TO BUILD AN ONLINE BUSINESS AND MAKE MONEY?</p> <p>The length of time it will take depends on the type of online business you choose to pursue and the logistics.</p> <p>It will also depend on the type of product you sell, the demand for the product and most of all, your ability to sell the product</p> <p>DO I NEED TO BUY A BUNCH OF STUFF?</p> <p>This too depends on the type of business:Affiliate Marketer - You don't need to buy anything. The Merchant will provide you with everything</p> <p>E-commerce Store You need to buy the products or dropship them</p> <p>Own Website You need to buy a domain, hosting (minimal fees)</p> <p>DO I NEED TO BE A COMPUTER EXPERT?</p> <p>No, but you need basic skills such as:Engaging an audience on social media and blogging platformsWriting great content and maintaining a blogBasic knowledge of using website editors</p> <p>WHAT SHOULD I INCLUDE IN MY BUSINESS PLAN?</p> <p>Your Business Plan should include: The objectives of your online business Your target audience An analysis of your niche market Start up costs Metrics you will use to measure success Website layout Shipping and payment infrastructureRead More</p> <p>v</p> <p>Gabriela TaylorI coach, mentor and teach like-minded entrepreneurs worldwide to become the BEST version of themselves and make the most of their TIME, MONEY, ENERGY and INNATE TALENTS.VISIT</p>