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6 WAYS ON HOW TO SHOP WISELYThere are 6 ways on how to shop wisely:-1. Make your budget list It is very important to make a list for your budget expenditure. Then you can observe whether you overspend or not. It also helps you to give prioritize to certain aspect, such as pay bills, car rental and house rental rather than shopping for your own needs. After cutting all the expenditure, then you can spend the little money that you have.

2. Try to avoid being impulse buyer-impulse buying will lead to over budget when you keep spending money for what you never planned for. For example, try not to buy chocolates, chewing gum and candy while at the counter. It is unnecesary item for you.

3. Set your goal Make sure you have your own goal before going for shopping. Buy what is necessarily important for you such as groceries, detergent, food, and others. But you must bear in your mind, for women they always think everything are very significant to them; including bags, shoes and make ups.

4. Limit your access to money Due to high demand in credit card, people normally bring their credit card while shopping. So the best way is to pretend to leave your credit card at home and draw sufficient cash in order to control yourself. At least, you will have no intention to overspend and it will help you to monitor your shopping behavior at the same time.

5. Compare and contrast This is also an important element which you need to do in order to be a wise shopper. Try to compare the product based on the price, quality, ingredients, weight and so on. Some product is expensive because of the brand name. It doesnt mean no-brand product is not good, but they just dont have a brand name, thats it. So, you why dont you give it a try first???

6. Save money Sometimes people tend to overspend when something comes up in their mind. For example, when apple start to launch a new product, people cannot eat and sleep very well. Their main focus is to obtain the new hot item no matter what happen. So, the best way is to save your money in advance. Try to allocate certain amount of money and keep it for several months. So in the end you might need to top-up a little, problem solve!

There are many ways to be a wise shopper, but please bear in your mind, try to avoid being in debt. If you cant change yourself, then no one can help you. Lets shop wisely!!!