How to recover the lost password of ZIP file?

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  • zip password cracker

  • zip password cracker

    Introduction to ZIP fileThe need of ZIP password crackerAbout ZIP password crackerSystem Requirements for ZIP password cracker

  • zip password crackerhttp://www.zippasswordcracker.orgIntroduction to ZIP file

    ZIP is a file format used for compressed andarchived files. Data is compressed to save spaceand hence make the most of available space.There are various programs that specialize incompressing data among which the best known isWinZip. All the programs have somewhat differentalgorithms for compressing the given data, buttheir aim is the same i.e. compress data at thesame time try to maintain quality.

  • zip password cracker

    The need of ZIP password cracker

    Almost all the data compressing programs just like WinZipprovides the user with the functionality of encrypting thecompressed data. In simple words the meaning ofencrypting a data is to make it unreadable to normal peopleand thus protect it from falling into the wrong hands.Further, encrypted file can be protected with password. Butproblem arises when the user losses password, might bebecause of forgetting or due to mistyping. This is where theZIP password cracker flungs into action.

  • zip password crackerhttp://www.zippasswordcracker.orgAbout ZIP password cracker

    ZIP password cracker as the name suggests is an applicationwhich is used to recover the lost password. Let us have a quickglance at some of its prominent features.

    The software is built on a strong algorithm which ensures the recovery of lost password.The software is easy to install and easy to use because of the powerful yet simple user interface.The tool is provided with an in built dictionary so that the user can save all the recovered passwords

  • zip password crackerhttp://www.zippasswordcracker.orgSystem Requirements for ZIP password cracker

    The ZIP password can be installed on the system whichmeets the minimum requirements mentioned below.

    Processor: Pentium classOperating system: Windows server 2008/Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000 Minimum amount of memory required is 256 MBHard disk should have a minimum of 20 MB of free spaceSupported WinZip is 8.X to 15.X

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